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BLOCK::BLOCK Weekly Roundup - Issue #19

BLOCK::BLOCK Weekly Roundup
The Metaverse
The Metaverse is such an intriguing world for me. Honestly, I’m just starting to learn the basics and I’m already amazed by everything that’s coming. 
Sophia AI robot to be tokenized for Metaverse appearance
Virtual land in the metaverse dominated NFT sales over past week
The Drops
I’m obsessed with drops and the strategy behind it. As an amateur artist, I’d love to drop my own collection, soon!
Bored Ape Yacht Club Artist Seneca Releases New Ethereum NFTs - Decrypt
The NFTs
I might be biased, but NFTs, the creators and the community behind it, is my favorite crypto topic. I love watching history being made.
Rare Beatles Interviews to Be Auction Off as NFTs - Rolling Stone
Independent Musicians Are Making Big Money From NFTs. Can They Challenge the Music Industry?
The Industry
Still crazy to observe how new the industry is and how much change is constantly happening, even on a weekly basis. Not to sound cliché, but what a time to be alive this is. 
Meet Kryptology: Coinbase’s Open Source Cryptography Library | by Coinbase | Dec, 2021 | The Coinbase Blog
Tech entrepreneurs opening Seattle NFT Museum to showcase digital artform in a physical space - GeekWire
The Tweets
As someone who’s just starting out in the crypto world, it still amazes me how wholesome and cool the community is. Check out some of my favorite tweets from this week!
I definitely feel like being early in BAYC is giving people a halo effect, people are asking me for advice just coz I own an ape but the reality is I got lucky and so did 90% of holders. We don’t know shit either 😂😂
We’re really out here using Twitter and discord to launch global brands from scratch. 🤯 Creativity is unbridled when we don’t need to worry about trying to get funding or approval, and I think the NFT community feels the passion and authenticity that comes from that. Bullish.
Honestly one of the best podcasts I’ve found to start understanding the NFT space, Carly explains themes in such a way that you won’t feel as a “newbie”, it’s fun and understandable. 
Sandbox Alpha, Ross Ulbricht NFT, and Wolf Game | Overpriced JPEGs Recap #3
B::B's next project is soooooo close now!
That's all folks! See you next week.
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BLOCK::BLOCK Weekly Roundup

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