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BLOCK::BLOCK Weekly Roundup - Issue #10

BLOCK::BLOCK Weekly Roundup
🚨🚨 Welcome to the another edition of the BLOCK::BLOCK Weekly Roundup - where each week we share must-reads about NFTs, crypto, and more, lifted from our discord. 🚨🚨 Want access?

The Metaverse
We’ve written quite a bit in this newsletter about the metaverse itself (and especially Facebook’s clear play to dominate the space). But what about all the stuff that will go in the metaverse? There are companies hard at work building that stuff too, including things we don’t yet have in real life (Jetpacks. Hoverboards.) Read on to learn more about some of the players in this space.
‘We want to be the brand of the metaverse,’ says RTKFT’s Chris Le.
Jadu on Twitter:
NFT mania is sign of a land grab for the online ‘metaverse’ | Financial Times
It’s Time For DAO-to-DAO Coordination
The NFTs
Lil Nas X Partners With TikTok for the Platform's First NFT Collection
Dapper Labs Is Bringing Its NFTs to the NFL
The Deeper Look
You’ve likely heard the term “play-to-earn” - a gaming concept popularized by the NFT game, Axie Infinity. This week, Sky Mavis, the developer behind Axie was given a $3 billion valuation. So does this mean we should expect more play-to-earn games in the future? And what’s happening in the space, generally? Learn up with some of the resources below. And, as always, tweet at us @blockblockio with comments, questions, or good resources we missed!
Play-To-Earn: The New Crypto Paradigm Redefining The Future Of Work
Andreessen Horowitz Values Developer of Play-to-Earn NFT Game, Axie Infinity, at $3 Billion
Play To Earn Gaming W/ Gabby Dizon The Pomp podcast
The Industry
MoonCat's Path from Abondaned NFT project to Sotheby's Auction House
The Tweets of The Week
Twitter user reacts to Snoop Dogg's new (Punk) profile picture:
For laughs, here's one NFT trader's perennial dilemma:
BLOCK::BLOCK co-founder, Kai Turner, spoke at NFT Fest Australia late last week.
And B::B and Bek just launched the Savage Droids Fusion Chamber. Head on over to our web site to check it out (and enjoy the badass web experience)!
That's all folks! See you next week.
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BLOCK::BLOCK Weekly Roundup

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