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BLOCK::BLOCK Special Edition! - Issue #21

BLOCK::BLOCK Weekly Roundup
🚨🚨 Hey Friends Of BLOCK::BLOCK! As promised, we have a special edition newsletter concerning our new platform, mxtter! This piece is written by Sienna, based in San Francisco and interested in all things web3. You can find her on LinkedIn or Twitter (@sienna_her). Enjoy! 🚨🚨
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What is mxtter?
“Mxtter is an art platform with a collaborative spirit by artists for artists.” With this introduction by its co-founder Kai Turner, the mxtter DAO (pronounced “matter”) has been launched and its genesis collection, AZAR, started its 14-day auction on December 15th.
AZAR #1 is up for auction! And the generated piece is so beautiful!!!
@mxtterart site is just AWESOME!
So happy!!!
Visiting the website is like entering a secret underground art experience in Brooklyn. One feels that they might bump into some cool hip-hop art connoisseurs like Jay-Z or Alicia Keys, and while it may feel like an exclusive club only for a select few, it actually functions in the opposite way. Powered by smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, anyone with ETH can place a bid. And like most NFT projects, the code will generate something new and unexpected, except in this case the results will be the combined works of multiple artists like the AZAR collection. 
Where is the project at now?
Now in its sixth day of auction as of this writing, AZAR has generated over $76,000 in sales with its first sale auctioned for 5.25 ETH. Each mxtter drop starts with 14 days of 1-of-1 auctions followed by a limited edition public sale. Drops during the 14-day auction, like AZARs, will be unique from the public sale as they posses exclusive properties such as the personal signatures of Ger and MendezMendez.
The most exciting part about this platform is that 50% of all auction proceeds will go to the DAO treasury, and these funds will be used to support up and coming artists, as voted upon by the DAO members. Members of the DAO include all holders of mxtter auction pieces, as well as the artists featured on the platform. There is now 8.8 ETH in the treasury to date.
What is AZAR?
A collaboration between @ger_head and @mendezmendezart, AZAR (which means ‘random’ in Spanish) is the first of many collections to be launched on Mxtter. Inspired by the art of screen printing: a printing process known for its transfer of a stenciled design on a flat surface using ink, a mesh screen, and a squeegee.
“I’m a huge fan of artisanal and screen printing techniques,” says Ger, “in fact, I owned an artisanal print shop a few years ago. That made me discover the test prints, and I fell in love with the beauty of randomness.”
Screenprints are created one color, one layer at a time. Typically, artists or printers test each layer before starting the print run, using pages from previous prints or misprinted paper. Creating these test prints beauties...
“These works of art are 100% spontaneous because they are impossible to plan due to the particular process,” explains Ger, “even accidents or imperfections are welcomed.”
Taking the concept of test prints to the blockchain, Ger and MendezMendez created layers of textures, colors, collages and various illustrations, and the resulting generative art that merges both their work have so far been spectacular.
You quickly get an idea of the art by looking at mxtter’s instagram page. The various layers reminiscent of test prints are in each drop. AZAR #4 for example centers the multi-eyed brain illustration but with varying layers of the artists’ contributing work just like a test print.
Who are MendezMendez and Ger?
MendezMendez is an artist based in Spain. He became disenfranchised with the consumer mentality of “sell, sell, sell and buy, buy, buy” in the advertising industry and decided to devote himself to creating his own art. By combining his love for art and his love for electronic music, his career resulted in creating cover art for his favorite record labels.
.@mendezmendezart is a digital surrealist, making heads explode since 2009 🤯
MendezMendez continues to create art which he describes as “meaningful and weird” and he’s in constant collaboration with his wife who “brings the magic of motion design” to many of their projects. He’s drawn to NFTs for their limited supply and scarcity, and for bringing his work directly to art collectors.
Ger is also based in Spain. He has been an illustrator and comic book artist since 2006. Ever since his first paid illustration, he knew that his life would revolve around drawing. Ger’s restlessness and desire for experimentation has kept him on the move and driven him to different art styles. It’s because of this drive that he stumbled upon the generative art world of NFTs, which he describes as “the perfect space for experimentation,” and with artist Leisha Shan, he co-founded the Crypto Geisha collection.
.@Ger_Head is an illustrator and the co-founder of @CryptoGeisha. Imagining the strangest characters since 2005, and bringing them to life.
“I can’t think of a better partner to create something like this with than @ger_head,” writes MendezMendez of Ger’s work. “He’s one of the most prolific illustrators I’ve ever met… Our styles are quite different, but from that difference comes magical results.”
Where is mxtter headed?
I've worked with Kai quite a lot over the past year and I have only the nicest things to say about him. I'm so excited to see what he and the team do with MXTTER!

Trust me... it's something special 😉
The NFT generative art world continues to innovate by creating collaborations between artists and collectors as seen on popular platforms like and But the team behind mxtter is interested in the additional layer of collaboration between multiple artists and the exciting new creations that are infinitely possible with each new generative drop. That’s why they created this platform “by artists, for artists,” and in just a week since its inception, it has produced exceptional results.
Next year, mxtter will bring new collaborations between artists and drops yet to be seen in the NFT art space. The first collection to be auctioned in 2022 after AZAR, will be TARTARUS, a collaboration between Waxbones x ROMbrandt.
“When platforms succeed,” explains Kai, "artists often don’t know how to get in, or who is making the decisions to allow artists in. With mxtter, we’ve decentralized it.”
Starting in 2022, mxtter will launch new artists every two weeks. Applications can be submitted here.
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mxtter - Generative art platform & community.
That's all folks! See you next week.
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