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BLOCK::BLOCK Special Edition!

BLOCK::BLOCK Weekly Roundup
Welcome to 6th edition of the BLOCK::BLOCK Weekly Roundup! Big week for us: today (Wednesday), we are launching our first major NFT project, Savage Droids, with Martin Bekerman (the force behind it all). To celebrate, this issue is all about the drop.
For more details, join us on the Savage Droids Discord!

Meet: Martin Bekerman, aka Bek. Martin is a Brand Design Lead at Netflix currently based out of San Jose, California and the brainchild and artist behind the NFT series, Savage Dogs. Now he’s teamed up with block::block to launch part two of the Savage Universe: Savage Droids.
Here’s our interview with Martin. Enjoy!
How did you become interested in NFTs?
Martin: My first interaction with the NFT world was finding CryptoKitties, and honestly I immediately discarded it because I felt it made no sense. A year or so after, I found Zora and Foundation and finally understood what CryptoKitties really represented: It was art and technology meshed together and I instantly fell in love. I just got sucked into the possibilities of creating my own worlds and community.
What was the inspiration behind the Savage Dog’s iconic look?
Martin: Savage Dogs was a combination of two ideas. I wanted to create my own collectible brand and being a fan of Kid Robot and Kaws, I felt like I could build my own character and world. But I also wanted to tell stories and I had an idea for a universe that I started to develop in parallel. It was early 2021 when I realized that those two concepts should collapse into Savage Dogs and create a collectible brand with a strong storytelling behind it.
How did you go from creating boxes of figures, to Dog Faces, to Profiles, and now Droids? What did that process look like?
Martin: The different collections I’ve created so far were the result of me experimenting and learning about the NFT space. With boxes I tried to be literal about the collectible aspect and how the physical could translate to the digital. With dog faces I wanted to explore the world of identity, and profiles are an evolution of that identity but more connected to an underlying story. 
What are you most excited about for the launch of Droids?
Martin: For the future I want to create fewer collections and expand more on the story side of things, further developing the Savage Dogs IP.
There are a lot of NFT drops happening these days. What makes Savage Droids interesting and special?
Martin: This is not an out of the blue drop. I’ve been building this IP for a while, so there’s a community behind it and there’s a story developing to support the collection as it moves forward. The people behind this project are real. You can find us, see what we do and hold us accountable for the work we put out. No secret team here! We focus a lot of energy on creating unique and innovative mechanics and creating a gamified collection that is more than just a nice picture.
Are you happy with how this community has grown? What do you think the catalyst for the fanbase?
Martin: I am beyond happy with the community. I can’t believe there are so many people interested in my work and it’s humbling. I think the catalyst is probably my interest in making a story that can elevate each piece that they hold. Not only providing more monetary value, but adding extra layers of meaning to the pieces as time goes by.
How do you plan on keeping older collectors happy, while also bringing in fresh faces?
Martin: Beyond the obvious of getting them exclusive airdrops like the recent 3D dogfaces for the metaverse, I think that savvy collectors understand that anything you do for the brand is good for their pieces in the long run. That’s why my focus is on doing the best for Savage Dogs, bringing each of them along for the ride.
Is there anything you can tell us about how the Savage Dogs story will progress moving forward?
Martin: Moving forward you can expect Savage Dogs to become a much more story heavy, going beyond just the visuals and adding the building blocks for a large universe. In terms of formats, we’re exploring all possibilities and starting to go with the ones that are best suited for the growing NFT space.
We’re releasing 8,888 Savage Droid NFTs!
For details, follow along at:
The Savage Dogs Discord Server
That's all folks! See you next week.
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