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Why a newsletter? - Issue #1

The Weekly Why Did I Sign Up For This?
The Weekly Why Did I Sign Up For This?
I just found out that Twitter bought a newsletter company! So, I thought why not start a newsletter?
Surely, this is something that I will forget all about but until then let’s have some fun!
New this week from the Scott McNulty Podcasting world, an episode of Random Trek featuring geek celeb (and person people would rather listen to than me): John Siracusa.

Random Trek | "Rapture" (DS9) with John Siracusa (Episode 230)
It has been good fun to get back to Random Trek. The pandemic, and having twins, had really sapped me of the energy required to find guests (even though I generally default to asking people I already know to join me on the podcast. I know I should branch out, but then I’d have find new people and that’s difficult [well, there are some people who email me directly and tell me that they should be on the show. I hardly ever take people up on that, but it is very flattering]).
The good news that I have the next several episodes already recorded:
So many potential podcasts just waiting to be edited.
So many potential podcasts just waiting to be edited.
Pandemic Follies - Zillow Edition
For some reason has been sending me “10 Houses I might like” every day for the last several months (though on the weekends it is aways 9 houses I might like. I guess the 10th is very religious). I’m sure I signed up for something on Zillow and opted in for the emails, and I have to say I’ve been enjoying them.
Here’s what I do: I imagine an alternative reality in which I’m a single man without a family (though I love my family!) looking for a new place to live during the Pandemic. This little thought exercise has taught me a couple of things:
  • I have a good imagination.
  • Given my imaginary (though reasonable) budget there are a number of places in the area I’d happily buy.
  • If I were living by myself I’d want a 1 bedroom apartment with a “den”. A den being a room without windows or a closet that they can’t legally say is a bedroom (I’d use it as a library/office/podcasting space).
Did I mention I love my family? Because I do! Blame Zillow for these little flights of fancy.
I should say, that I really do love our current apartment which is why I’m nota actually looking for a new place to live. And if I were, it wouldn’t just be me looking!
That's it
Thus ends my first newsletter. Will there be more? Maybe!
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The Weekly Why Did I Sign Up For This?
The Weekly Why Did I Sign Up For This?

I am almost Internet famous. Was a futurist in a past life; none of this surprises me. Host of @Random_Trek.

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