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Magic Sidebar Beta is here!
Hello everyone! This is Tony from 👋
Recently, I have been working on an exciting new feature, which I want to share with you today!

✨ Introducing...
Magic Sidebar ✨ – It’s a browser extension and a mobile app.
Magic Sidebar by
Magic Sidebar by
People have been using it in a lot of different ways:
  • As a Twitter analytics tool
  • As a personal CRM on Twitter
  • As a tool to help you communicate with your audience
  • As a Twitter growth tool
I like to call it “A brand new enhanced experience for Twitter ✨”!
And I promise you this:
It will change the way you use Twitter!
In the past few weeks, I invited some people to try the product. Here is what they say about it:
Joe Previte
I'm seriously blown-away by Black Magic (browser extension for Twitter).

It gives you:
- top people you interact with
- tweet stats
- consistency (like GitHub contributions graph)
- most engaging hours
- top recent tweets of yours

I can't make this up. This tool is amazing
Simon Høiberg
Huge shoutout to @tdinh_me for creating this sidebar.

I've been using it for a few days now, and it's really impressive.

By far the most superior Twitter analytics product in the indie hackers space, and it's still in closed beta! 😮
Amer Sikira
Have you seen @blackmagic_so by @tdinh_me?

It is utterly brilliant! The amount of information you can get from it is amazing 🚀🚀
Marie Ng 🦙🌳
Just purchased an annual sub to @blackmagic_so

Why? Because it is THE most compelling product I've seen in years!

And @tdinh_me is one of the most compelling creators I've ever seen. Inspired by his dev, design & marketing skills, every day. And that's worth supporting! 🚀
Hey guys, trust me or not. This @blackmagic_so web extension for twitter by @tdinh_me is beyond my words.
Its not just a extension, its a whole new twitter experience.

Thank you friend for letting me try this.

PS: I am still yet to explore more of it.
🔥 You can try the beta now!
There is no easier way to show you the awesomeness of Magic Sidebar than to let you try it yourself.
Available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
Mobile apps are coming soon too!
💸 Secure your early bird price!
The product is free while in beta, but if you like Black Magic and want to support me, you can secure your early bird price now! Here is the deal:
  • Personal Plan at $4.79/mo: Enjoy using the extension with powerful analytics, personal CRM, and other features with some limitations.
  • Professional Plan at $11.99/mo: Enjoy full access to all features with no limitations, plus scheduling tools and iOS/Android mobile apps (soon!).
These deals are limited to the first 100 people only, so get yours now! 😊
🚀 Launching soon...
Please give the beta a try and let me know what you think! I would love to hear your feedback/suggestions. 😄
I’m looking to launch the product soon. So, stay tuned for more updates. I will see you all again on Product Hunt in the very near future!
That’s it for now! Until next time! 👊
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