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By Black & Gold Banneret

The Knightly Newsletter - June 23, 2021





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The Knightly Newsletter - June 23, 2021
By Black & Gold Banneret • Issue #82 • View online
Not as much to talk about today as yesterday, but still some big news.
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Alright, let’s get after it:

The Big News
12-Team CFP Proposal Moves to the Next Step
A little cryptic, as usual, but the CFP Management Committee - i.e., the presidents and chancellors - agreed to move forward with the 12-team proposal and take it to their “various constituencies”:
Chris Vannini 🇮🇹🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
CFP meetings are over here in Dallas. Presidents/chancellors agree to move forward with gathering feedback on 12-team model. Timeline for when it could start is very very TBD; 2023 is no guarantee.
The best news from the aftermath was apparently the presidents think 12 is in fact the best option:
Chris Vannini 🇮🇹🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Presidents/chancellors were shown all the CFP expansion models. They agreed that 12 is the best option.

Keenum: “Keeping our conference championship relevant, keeping fans engaged throughout the season. … 12 best fit the objective.
Keenum is Mississippi State President Mark Keenum.
The only thing is it’s not really looking like this is going to happen for 2023 due to TV and other contracts all the conferences have to work out, as Nicole Auerbach mentioned:
Nicole Auerbach
There are different bowl contracts (ex. Rose Bowl has its own) + the ESPN deal through 2025-26.

Of course, fans will riot if they announce a detailed 12-team CFP format and it takes five years to actually implement it.
But at least they didn’t pour cold water on the 12-team model.
I plan on writing about this in-depth this weekend. In the meantime, PROGRESS!
Around the Kingdom
JUST IN: Dillon Gabriel Is Good
Joe Broback from Underdog Dynasty previews the QBs around The American. No surprises:
2021 AAC Preseason Position Previews: Quarterback - Underdog Dynasty
News and Notes
RGIII of all people was on campus yesterday and for some reason was throwing footballs at the palm trees outside the Bounce House:
79 days untill NFL football. Heres the video of RG3 throwing footballs at trees
Tweet of the Day
Someone alert Coach Abe - Not only is Rayniah Jones fast, but she can dunk:
i’m so glad my talent is based off how much revenue the sport brings in, get a life.
On TV Tonight
No UCF-related events going on tonight. Here’s what else is on.
That’s all for today - Catch you tomorrow! #ChargeOn
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