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Best way to do market research 🚀

Before building a product or side project it is always a good idea to do market research to make sure there’s a market for it.
Although there are many ways to do market research. Traditional research techniques usually take very long plus need a lot of money.
So what’s the new way of doing market research?
The best way is to ask directly to your audience
Survey and Polls -
Polls are an outstanding way to collect feedback and engage with your audience. Polls have become more popular for two specific attributes: first — they don’t take much time. The second reason is that polls often have the feature of providing immediate feedback about how other people answered the same question.
Email and Ask-
Have a couple of friends whom you can Email and ask for the idea validation. That’s the best way to get the idea validated. Also, help your friends in getting in their idea validation.
Plug into communities- Communities are also the best way to talk to users and get market research done. There are various online communities like Reddit, product hunt, and so on.
Cold outreach- Cold email outreach is an effective and budget-friendly way to get the idea.
Learn from your customers -
Figure out where the users are hanging and manually scrape the data in order to process the data and analyze it.
Online platform-
Identify model competitors and find where their users are hanging out. Once you figure out users are hanging mine the data and analyze it.
Research tools for trends- Market research tool helps in get the grip with your market and audience, faster. Luckily, it’s easier than ever before to get valuable insights with tools like SEMrush, Google trends, Think with Google.
All of these things help you figure out exactly what your customers want so you can provide it.
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