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'Aha' - nothing predicts your retention better than this...

Aha moment is the point of time when the users find value in your product
This indicates that they recognize the value the product will give them as users, which typically leads to a commitment to your product.
When you sign up for a fitness app and get a 10-day free trial, they are trying to get you to a moment, when you are wowed by the app. This would happen if reality beats your expectation.
This is an example of an ‘Aha’ moment. Products that deliver an ‘Aha’ moment sooner, generally have higher retention and monetization rates.
We understand that improvements in a user’s first 5 minutes can drive a 50% conversion in lifetime value from research.
ProfitWell conducted a survey of about 500 software companies, including both B2B and B2C businesses. They discovered that consumers who had a pleasant onboarding experience were more likely to stay than those who did not.
How do you know if your users are having an ‘Aha’ experience:
One thing to be aware of is a cognitive bias. Cognitive bias occurs when you believe your users have the same level of expertise as you, and you fail to appreciate the simplicity of the experienced needed to generate Aha moments.
Talk to your users
  • If you are delivering that ‘Aha’ experience, your users’ eyes will light up when they speak to you. Like a kid in the candy store. By talking to the user can you understand what their Aha moment is.
  • Users who converted and stayed through the trial period, as well as those that churned or canceled during or shortly after the trial period speak to both and ask WHY. You should be able to identify a trend in where you give value and what may be your Aha moment by interviewing a few consumers from each kind across your various personas.
Data of users
  • You should be able to see patterns between people who continue vs. cancel during the trial time by looking at your product statistics.
  • What are the most important events that occur throughout the user’s stay? Or what is it that is having a negative impact on the user experience and pushing them away?
  • It’s critical to have clear information that introduces your user to your product.
  • You must determine how much assistance or education they require and lead them to their Aha moment.
  • The sooner you can deliver an ‘Aha’ moment, ideally, as a part of a great onboarding experience, the more willing the user will be to continue to engage with you.
  • InnerTrends saw data points: users who completed the initial onboarding process were 38% more likely to return one week later.
  • Hubspot saw this, after making positive changes to the way they nurtured new customers in Week One, they saw a 15% lift in retention during that week. This catapulted into a 50% increase in retained users after 10 weeks.
While Aha moments can be different for different products and startups, finding it early can really help you build more audience and increase retention.
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