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Weekly newsletter of Ricardo Moreira - Issue #1

BizBox - The weekly support for solopreneurs
It’s gonna get harder before it gets easier
Finally, the newsletter is out, there is so much to do about it and to improve and that’s exactly the goal.
Newsletters always were a topic I wanted to go deeper into, so when I decided that the first product to launch be Bizbox I knew that I had to launch a newsletter. Because the point of the product is that help who wants to run a business or is running a business on its own and time is of the essence, therefore having a product where much of the info they need is only one place is a must, and having a newsletter with weekly updates is completely necessary.

Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become reality.
Earl Nightingale
💰 Wealth
The best news about wealth and Investment
Investing and growth - You should invest to make your money grow. How? learning the basics of investment is a must before go deep in investing
What is leverage - Can leverage be your assets? This small video explains it all
Scale a business for passive income - Starting an online business is easy but are you ready to put to start earning passive income?
🚀 Marketing
Need to write a Headline? - A good headline is the difference of your email has been read or not. You can make it better with 5 steps.
Be the brand you want to be - But first maybe we need to define what is a brand?
2022 soon is here, so here are 100 marketing trends for next year-
✨ Sales
Sales vs Marketing - What is the difference?Don’t think they are the same and you need both
Sales tactics that don’t work - Before start selling your product like crazy, maybe we should learn what is not working anymore and what to do instead
Sell or Presell- What came first, the egg or the chicken? Should you sell your saas after is done or presell it?
🖥️ Tech
Canva goes video mode one - Canva is great but its about to be even better with their new video editing and templates
Get a job in tech - The people from Hackernoon have something to say about it
DIVI VS Elementor - The ultimate review
📣 Social Media and Content
Another reason for you to be on Tik Tok- What if you could search in Google for some Tik Tok video? Well that might happen soon
Before buying an ad, grow your website organic reach - If Neil Patel says it’s because it’s true
Get Inspired - The trend we didn’t see it coming. What is been going on with online marketing lately
Get started - Step by step to open your store in Shopify
⛏️ #Buldininpublic
Nick Freiling
I need to follow more people on Twitter.

Who are some #buildinpublic people you recommend?
🍊 Natalie Furness
The lead generation strategy / tactics which have driven me over 100k worth of business this year

A thread 🧵.

1️⃣ Post valuable content, focusing on education and entertainment for your target market.

#buildinpublic #nocode #marketing #Sales
Daniel Cranney
🚨 New article!

How I Overcame a Fear of Sharing my Work (…and Learned to Actually Enjoy It)
on @hashnode now!

#buildinpublic #impostersyndrome #devcommunity #learncoding #creativity
🧵 Best threads on Twitter
How to Get Rich (without getting lucky):
A mega thread of all my threads on @NotionHQ
Aadit Sheth
A Marketing degree costs $80k.

But, Twitter University teaches better for free.

🧵 Here are 10 threads from 10 world-class marketers:
Seminars, Workshops and Courses
Finance for Non-Finance Professionals - get it here
Website conversion rate- You can get better results here
Website of the week
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