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BizBox - The weekly support for solopreneurs #5

BizBox - The weekly support for solopreneurs
Launch first and edit after or the more the merrier and then launch it?
This week I realized that I need more than Notion to do all my templates, so it will require more time. I know that all those templates are required but I know that I can’t wait to be perfect and if I launch it soon I know if there is an audience for it so what to do about it?

To see what is right and not do is a lack of courage
🎙️ Interview in Box
As a parent and someone that has a day job, I always felt connected to who has also done or is doing that. Kyle Krzeski check all these points so I was really interested to know how he copes and what are his process. Of course that, because these interviews are short, leads to few opportunities for development but I really hope that in a near future I have more time to pick up Kyle’s brain as I was really hooked on his answers. Kyle’s been building products since he is 14. His last product, Removaly is something that is more and more necessary in a world where your personal information is everywhere online. He talks more about it and how to be productive while being a father of 3 and having a day job and where to get inspiration.
Check the interview here.
💰 Wealth
From idea to a patent  - Is your idea with patenting? And if so, how will you do it?
Is Black Friday ending?- Times are changing and for many people, Black Friday is not worthy anymore.
🚀 Marketing
Marketing trends for 2022 - Hootsuite made this just for you
Should you buy an emails list? - No? do this instead
Are you sure you can send this email? - Before sending that email marketing and getting into problems, give a step back and see if you are allowed to do it
✨ Sales
Who says Youtube subscriptions don’t work - 7 billion of dollars beg to differ
Covid changed B2B - Nothing will ever be the same, but there are always opportunities
The mother of all guides- When it comes to making a deal, this guide is full detailed and explanatory
🖥️ Tech and Tools
In need of ideas for blogging? - Hubspot comes for rescue. At the least, they can make you think
Need any ideas for the color pallettes?- Many websites create a color palette that you can create for your website but this website makes a great job and is easy to apply and understand
What about an icon? - If you are building an app, this website creates your icon for free and easily.
📣 Social Media and Content
Shake and delete- New features on Instagram features shaking for a problem and deleting ( finally) a picture without deleting the whole carousel.
Instagram vs TikTok- What if you had the same ad in TikTok and Instagram? Who would win? Creatopy did just that. Bets on who performed better?
The don'ts in content creation - 21 mistakes for you to fix now
TikTok 101 for business - New on TikTok but want to build your business brand there? Start here
⛏️ #Buldininpublic
Open call to makers/founders 🚨

I have roughly 3000 newsletter subscribers interested in #buildinpublic content

I'm planning to send an email on Wednesday & highlight any launches/updates in the last 2 weeks

Apps, newsletters, or websites

Drop links to your work ⬇️
How I failed 5 side projects in 6 years, earning $0.

That's the latest blog post summarizing my bootstrapping history.

Quentin Villard
To all the founders / makers using #buildinpublic as a growth strategy:

How much time per day do you spend on Twitter, sharing your story and engaging with your community?

Really curious to know how everyone is managing this 🧐
🧵 Best threads on Twitter
Alex Garcia 🔍
Storytelling is an art that many hope to master.

For business, it’s vital.

Master the craft of storytelling, and you’ll keep customers for a lifetime.

Don't, and customers will come and go.

Luckily, there are frameworks.

Use these 3 frameworks to create compelling stories 🧵
Website of the week
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