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BizBox - The weekly support for solopreneurs #4

BizBox - The weekly support for solopreneurs
Pause and let’s go
This week was used for more planning than building Bizbox as I need it to figure out how to not take the best of the week, but take the best of the mont

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.
Winston Churchill
🎙️ Interview in a Box
This week’s interview is with Meisuleen. Meisuleen love for no code was one of the reasons I want to ask her some questions as myself I am learning more about it.
The fact that she is a mom and how to deal with productivity when being a parent is something that I am deeply interested in, make wanting to talk more about it with Meisuleen. Can’t wait that I can’t launch all the products with the podcast that I can talk more about the working process of Meisuleen.
You can find the interview here and give Meisuleen a follow to know more about what she is building.
💰 Wealth
Tarantino and NFT are not sharing anymore an uncomfortable silence  - With the rise of NFT, Quentin Tarantino brings back Pulp Fiction for the real fans
Don’t put the eggs on only one basket - Or why do you need to diversify your portfolio?
🚀 Marketing
Is this text ok Google? - Google released new guidelines that help Google to find and index your website. And who doesn’t want that right?
Your brand is you - This guide takes time but totally worth it. A full and well-documented guide of how to build a brand
Marketing case studies - Actually 28 of them. Hubspot did it again
✨ Sales
You still can make it with a follow-up email - In this well-documented guide, explains the best ways to do a follow-up.
Do we have a deal? - This article has been over a year but it still has much value when it comes to how to close a deal.
Do you like checklists?- If so and want to know and get better at selling (who doesn’t right) this is your type of guide
🖥️ Tech and Tools
Scam to run your ads - Scams are getting more difficult to know that is a scam and if you are running Facebook ads should check this
Test, test, test - After your website is done, checking security and other issues is a must. This list gives you the best website to help you and does just that.
📣 Social Media and Content
Did the time for Influencers go away?- Accordingly with a study, creators are winning terrain and here to stay
TikTok for small business - Take the best of your business in the Tik Tok world and grow your brand and awareness
⛏️ #Buldininpublic
Florin Pop 👨🏻‍💻
I want to create a website with inspirational income reports from other indie hackers/makers/builders.

Do you know anyone else who shares their revenue here on Twitter? 😁

Abi Tyas Tunggal 🏔
It's been a month since I left my job to work on Himalayas full-time.

In October, we released a complete redesign of the site, significantly improved load times, and published 95,526 words across 19 posts.

Excited share October's numbers and #buildinpublic.
Cameron Baughn
I recently bought a small SaaS business on @microacquire and I'll be scaling it as I #buildinpublic.

My goal is to focus on marketing and do as little work as possible to start achieving results.

Here's what I'm doing the first 30 days:
🧵 Best threads on Twitter
Ujjwal Sukheja
It's a launch day! 🚀🚀

I'm thrilled to announce my first product and it's called MOOQ(@mooqhq)

It'll help creators to create their own content library or we can say it as linktree for content.

👇 A thread 🧵 #buildinpublic
Phillip Rivers
Since joining Twitter,

I’ve been blown away by the free value shared on this platform.

Here are some of my favorite marketing masterminds who’s content should NOT be free.

If you want to become wealthy, follow these people👇

Vlad | Landing page Wiz
You want to start freelancing?

I started doing this 2 months ago when I knew nothing

Now I'm on my way to building a successful freelancing business

Everything I learned

A thread:
Website of the week
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Ricardo Moreira

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