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BizBox - The weekly support for solopreneurs #3

BizBox - The weekly support for solopreneurs
The State of Indie Hackers
This week was all about creating the questionnaire for indie hackers and solopreneurs. Feel free to share among them, as the more the better we know more about their products, tools, and process.
Also did some changes for the newsletters interview. In less than 5 minutes with the help of Notion of course

Belief creates the actual fact
William James
🎙️ Interview in Box
 For the second interview, I talked with Alex Styl. I thought I heard about Alex for the first time when in the Product Hunt newsletter they featured Alex’s new product - Audiobites - Turns audio into visual clips. I discovered after that actually I “knew” Alex before because of his first product - Social Viewer I also checked it and love the idea.
Alex talks about why he quit his job and went to build digital products. Of course that we had to talk about his new product and what lead to it and how he might plan on monetizing it.
Get the interview here and follow Alex to know more about his products
💰 Wealth
Tokens go meta - In the week that FB changes its name for meta, acquire 50% of Metaverse group.
Investing in Cryptocurrency- You want it or not, eventually we all be there, so why not sooner than later? This guide helps you to get there
🚀 Marketing
SEO is changing- Or at least understanding a bit more how Google quality raters work, can help you spread your word
Your customer is the best marketing asset- Take good use of the power of word of mouth
Influence Marketing - How as a brand you can use the power of influencers?
✨ Sales
Sell your services on Linkedin - Linkedin just rolled globally its freelance platform. If Fiverr or Upwork is not for you, you should give this one a try
Pre-orders- Are they necessary? - Maybe not necessary but it sure can be a boost for your products. This guide talk and explains all about it
Learn with the sharks- Kaiytlin Petro gave the lessons from Shark Tank. If your pitch is coming in, give this read a try
🖥️ Tech and Tools
How fast can you type? - If you are like me and you want to write but sometimes lack time, check here your speed and improve it
Stripe and Klarna together - I am a big fan of Klarna, use it in many products online. Also Stripe, as a customer and for my products. Reading that Klarna has partnered with Stripe make my day
Don’t name Admin as…Admin - Might hurt your SEO
📣 Social Media and Content
Instagram sharing links - Before not everybody could add links to the stories but now Instagram opens this feature to everybody. Take good use of it
More on Instagram- The competition between Reels and Tik Tok is here to stay
Dance Google dance- Take the best of Google search with these tips to search
⛏️ #Buldininpublic
Alex | Startups & Growth 🦄
Startup? Side project?

We are writing a digest about projects that indie makers build!

If you want to get featured - drop a “🚀” in the comments and I will write you in DM ✉️.

(limited proposition)

#buildinpublic #sidehustle #dev
Quentin Villard
To all the founders / makers using #buildinpublic as a growth strategy:

How much time per day do you spend on Twitter, sharing your story and engaging with your community?

Really curious to know how everyone is managing this 🧐
Open call to makers/founders 🚨

I have roughly 3000 newsletter subscribers interested in #buildinpublic content

I'm planning to send an email on Wednesday & highlight any launches/updates in the last 2 weeks

Apps, newsletters, or websites

Drop links to your work ⬇️
🧵 Best threads on Twitter
Mitchell Baldridge
One of the biggest pitfalls I see with new SMB and Solopreneur clients is bad bookkeeping.

Bad books show up in many way, but ultimately carry the same nasty effect:

They screw up your business.

More on the root cause and potential solutions in a THREAD on bookkeping!

🧮 🧵👇🏼
Whit 🦄
Want to build your side project for less than $100?

It’s very possible. We’ve done it 6 times in the last 3 months. #buildinpublic

a thread on how-to 🧵
Syed | First Step Finances
12 Ways to Build a Rich Life

Follow these steps to create everlasting wealth.

Website of the week
Events and Webinars
Reimagine Experience - Driving business success with a winning website experience  
Buld a Yelp style with no code - Made with Thunkable & Xano
All that you need to start your business in one place
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Ricardo Moreira

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