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BizBox - The weekly support for solopreneurs
Start a newsletter while no one is watching
My process to build a newsletter might have not been the most traditional but it was mine. How to launch a newsletter when time is not on your side and you have to learn while building? ( Enjoying the process is a great help)

I am here today to cross the swamp, not to fight all the alligators.
Rosamund Stone Zander
🎙️ Interview in Box
No better way to learn how to build a product and go, solopreneur, than learn who started that road already. Today interview with Xavier Coiffard
💰 Wealth
Passive Income  - If you are a designer and are interested in passive income and need ideas this article is for you.
Wealth strategies- 17 strategies that you can start putting in practice today
🚀 Marketing
Inside the funnel - Or how you can convert possible customers to paying customers
A form that converts into customers - Your sign-up form on your landing page can be more effective than it is.
Full email marketing guide for solopreneurs
✨ Sales
Launch on Product Hunt - Is your product ready? Sales hackers have a guide on how to launch your product in Product Hunt
2021 Sales tools for - Plenty to choose from, go grab a cup of coffee and choose the ones that make your product sell
It’s alone up there- When is the best time to partner up or to grow big? Here are some thoughts about it
🖥️ Tech and Tools
Websites that help - Half of the websites here I use, another half I want to use in the future. For the solo developer, this list might be a must
It’s love - When I hear or discover something about Notion, it got my full attention. This website is not new but it’s a great tool for whom is creating Notion products or just for their own private product
Audio as an image - Add your voice and an image and Audiobites to the rest
📣 Social Media and Content
Improve the SEO but look out for this- When building your website look and fix these errors when it comes to SEO. Your product appreciates.
#goodhashtagBadhashtag- Sometimes the difference between a good post and a bad post is a hashtag. But there are way to improve
⛏️ #Buldininpublic
Open call to makers/founders 🚨

I have roughly 3000 newsletter subscribers interested in #buildinpublic content

I'm planning to send an email on Wednesday & highlight any launches/updates in the last 2 weeks

Apps, newsletters, or websites

Drop links to your work ⬇️
How I failed 5 side projects in 6 years, earning $0.

That's the latest blog post summarizing my bootstrapping history.

Quentin Villard
To all the founders / makers using #buildinpublic as a growth strategy:

How much time per day do you spend on Twitter, sharing your story and engaging with your community?

Really curious to know how everyone is managing this 🧐
🧵 Best threads on Twitter
Liam 💻
How to DELETE 99.9% of your digital footprint from the internet [a thread]
Samuel Thompson 🥽
The easiest way to make $9,000 every month.

A thread 🧵👇
Aadit Sheth
If you use it right, your Twitter account is worth more than your degree.

But 98.8% suck at it.

Here are 9 unique ways to turn Twitter into a crazy valuable asset:
Website of the week
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Ricardo Moreira

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