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BizBox - All your business in only one place #9

BizBox - The weekly support for solopreneurs
BizBox version 1.0 is out
The social content planner is out for a special price of 6.99€ and also will be launched on Product Hunt.
By buying it now you get access to the full version as soon is it launched.
Every month, starting this one I will release a new feature like:
  • Templates
  • Business Books reviews
  • Nocode tools review and use cases
  • Sales and marketing tools
  • etc
So you can get it here or know more here. Now let’s get to this month’s newsletter topic - Cold email and my interview with Felix Scholz.

Belief creates the actual fact
William James
🎙️ Interview in Box
 If I wanted to plan this it might not happen. On the day that the interview is released, Felix release his ThreadStart on Product Hunt and it’s looking great.
Read more and support Felix on his PH page.
Can’t wait to see where Felix is taking us after
🔥Is it still hot cold emailing
Short answer: YES.
The problem is the bad rep that cold email got in the last few years, mostly because of the marketing and spam attached by it.
Before getting into it, what is a cold email?
A cold email put simply is the beginning of the conversation with some company, prospect, etc. Is the beginning of the relationship. The problem is only you ( the sender) knows about that
A not long time ago cold emails had a bad rep because well, they were spammy and not honest or genuine.
Cold email is not email marketing but a cold email can be to ask permission to send email marketing.
🚀 The 7 best types of cold email
Now that we know what a cold email is and why we should use it, the next step is to go through different types of cold emails
One of the most known ways to write a cold email is to use AIDA which stands for Attention - Interested - Desire - Action.
In the first paragraph, you grab their attention, then explain why your offer will interest your prospect. Say something that grabs their desire about your offer. And ask them to take action.
Here is an example from Ezanga:
🛠️ Cold email - Stats and tools
Before we go deep on what are the best tools to use for cold email, I put some stats about the art of cold emailing
Yes, it’s true, only on average, 1% of emails have a response. So In 100 emails, one will answer, and in 1000 only 10. So basically is a question of numbers.
Of course that that 1% changes from business to business where some businesses can reach even 20%.
So don’t feel discouraged and keep pushing it
One great way to push it is to have the best tools for it.
Let’s go:
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