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BizBox - All your business in only one place #8

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I hope you have a year full of joy!!

Nothing is impossible. The word itself says ‘I’m possible!
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🎙️ Interview in Box
 In the month that I go more deeply into the topic of Landing Pages, feel great to have the interview with Quentin Villard, the nocode lover that has shared so many great insights about Landing pages.
It was a pleasure to talk with Quentin and I learn a lot from his interview. Quentin talk about his 3 main projects focused on Nocode, his music idea that can be a Unicorn, but that’s just my opinion :) and much more.
You can read the interview here.
🌐 Why you need a landing page
Landing pages are getting more popular nowadays, and if you’re thinking if you should or do not need one, most probably you need one.
But what is really a Landing page?
A landing page is your product/service destination page. Is the first page that your future or actual customers will see. So when a visitor ends in your landing page and sees your site, we need to be enlightened and engaged.
There are two situations where you most likely need a landing page.
One is when you are launching your product or company for the first time. Before creating a website with all info, why not create a landing page that will focus on getting emails for your newsletter, or selling the product that you want to feature, etc.
🚀 Let's create a Landing Page, but how?
You know already that a landing page should be clean and concise and have a CTA and a headline, but how to achieve that? And do I need something else?
You can divide your landing page first into two parts:
Above the fold
Below the fold
Above the fold is what the visitor will see on their screen when visiting your landing page. Responsive websites here come in handy as you want that your message and your CTA are visible no matter if the visitor is on the newest iPhone or old laptop or tablet.
Below the fold is all that is below that your visitor has to scroll to see.
Above the fold
  • Headline
  • Header
  • CTA
  • Image/illustration/ Colors
Below the fold
  • Road Map / Explanation
  • Social Proof
  • Show the problem
  • Social Media Links
I go deeper about each one here
Harry's Marketing Examples
My favourite landing page formula:

1/ Explain the value you provide (title)
2/ Explain how you'll create it (subtitle)
3/ Let the user visualise it (image)
4/ Make it believable (social proof)
5/ Make taking the next step easy (CTA)
🛠️ Best tools for your landing page
When it comes to building a landing page there are many options available and there is more than just creating the page itself. For example colors, icons, analytics, etc.
Let’s go one by one.
Creating a Landing page
To build the landing page there are many options. Besides the ones below I also need to include ( in case you know how to code) pure HTML + CSS and JS webpage. If you can build a page fast and know what you want I think it’s a good solution. But if you don’t know how to code or you are in a hurry, I think there are better solutions.
Other that I also need to include is Wordpress. In my opinion, it feels a bit like overkill and it might not be the best for the speed of the page, but again if you are good with Wordpress and like it, go for it.
Icons and Illustrations
Don’t worry if you are not a designer or you don’t want to use images but don’t know what to put instead.
There are plenty of tools ( many free or freemium) that you can use.
🖥️ Around the web
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nader dabit (🧱, 🚀) | sha.eth | nader.sol
I started documenting my journey as a developer learning & building web3 in April 2021

My tutorials & videos have been viewed over 1.5 Million times & have helped a lot of developers land jobs & build production apps ✨

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The first client I ever landed paid me $15,000+/mo.

I knew nothing about marketing.

And yet…
I spent only 3 hours a week working his business.

Here’s the juicy story with ALL the details.

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Jon Yongfook
Shipped new blog landing page, to give more prominence to newest pieces of content across categories. #buildinpublic
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