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BizBox - The weekly support for solopreneurs
Great customer service goes a long away
This week there will be no interview ( back next week) but the first template is released, feel free to use it and I also renewed my landing page.
In other news, I share my opinion on why it´s so important great customer service, where I share my experience with Shopify.

Believe you can and you’re halfway there
Theodore Roosevelt
🆕 What's new in Biz Boz?
Renewed landing page - You learn by doing and by tweaking and doing it again. I knew I need it to change my landing page, especially above the fold. After indie hackers help, and other people that share to ideas. This is where I am. What do you think? Better?
Templates are starting to pop in/out - I am starting with the invoice templates. There will be 3 available to be chosen. You can grab the first one. Still need some edit but you can start using it today
💰 Wealth
First “Bitcoin City” - Or at least funded by bitcoin. Might happen in El Salvador
Crypto market had a black Friday- The market crashed, do you know why?
What is the music future? Crypto might be the answer- In a week blockchain dedicated when it comes to finance and wealth, the future of music might go fully on blockchain as some names are starting to go there already
🚀 Marketing
Read this and you can win millions - Not really, but that is what I would write If I was writing some clickbait content. Does it clickbait?SemRush as some words about it.
Image SEO full guide - You know that image that you have on your website that you want people to see it? Yes, that one. Maybe this SEO guide for images will help
Small tips for small businesses to win BIG - I prefer to do my shopping with small businesses. If you are one of them, these small tips might help you get that extra sale
✨ Sales
Show your best in less than one minute -Elevator pitch is thing and no matter if you are selling a product, a service, yourself as a brand or for a job, when the opportunity arises you have to be ready
Sell but don’t cheat- Sustainability is trendy and more and more everyday companies proudly say that they offset their carbon…But is that really helping anybody? ( Spoiler alert: not really)
Great first impression - A good welcome email can go a long way.
🖥️ Tech and Tools
Check your Wordpress website. It might be breached -If your website is hosted on GoDaddy, you might need to take a look
What’s your theme Shopify? - No matter if you are spying on the competition or just want to replicate some cool website, sometimes we need to know what theme is been used on that Shopify website. Here you have the solution
Responsive layouts with fewer media queries- It’s a must nowadays and easy to implement
📣 Social Media and Content
Templating like pro- Building templates for your business can be overwhelming and you can easily overdo it. Following these tips help you along the way
Teens are more on TikTok than Instagram- But it’s still not on the top
It’s official, You can now create 60-second videos in Instagram stories - Get your creativity going and go make more videos
✨Courses, webinars and events
Master code-free web data collection - With Aviv Besinsky and Art NoCode Dev
⛏️ #Buldininpublic
Aymen Loukil
The landing page of my upcoming Web Performance tool (@SpeetalsTool) is now live 🥳

Request early access here 👇

#perfmatters #buildinpublic 📣
Michelle Marcelline 🍊
Made a personal website using @typedreamHQ for #nocodenovember! 💁

⏭️ What I'm up to
📚 Learn from my founder, startup, and #buildinpublic journey via my tweet compilation
🚀 Ask me hunt your #NoCode projects on Product Hunt!

🧵 Best threads on Twitter
Growth Tactics
We've helped about 600 startups nail their pricing

These 12 models work for every business model:
Steve Chou

20 strategies I use to avoid the spam folder and get more opens, clicks and sales by email:

A brief stat break before we dive in:
- 53.95% of all email traffic is spam
- 1 in 6 emails get flagged as spam
- 20% is the average open rate for emails

CRUCIAL for you
Xavier Coiffard
I built and launched 6 products in 6 months. I'm now helping founders to launch theirs.

✨Everything I know is in the thread below✨!

🔖 Read & bookmark it!

I share daily tips about marketing, follow me: @angezanetti

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