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A newsletter about blockchain analytics

A newsletter about blockchain analytics

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Looking for Tron DEX APIs?

Important UpdatesCardano APIs now have staking rewards data.Learn how to search any string using Bitquery Search API?New DEX added, Coinone and JustMoney.Data and analytics related to a blockchain address.Article on buying Bitquery GraphQL APIs subscription.I…


New Blockchain on Bitquery, Guess which one?

Check out our Velas explorer using which you can explore the Velas on-chain data and other stats.


Klaytn 🤝 Bitquery

Check out our Klaytn explorer using which you can explore the Klaytn on-chain data and other stats.


Solana APIs with Bitquery

Our current Solana integration is at beta; not all APIs are open; however, we will open them soon.


Polygon has Arrived at Bitquery

1. Polygon ExplorerWe have enabled a Polygon explorer using which you can explore Polygon's on-chain data.


Long time, No See?

1. Polygon GrantWe have partnered with the Polygon team to provide Polygon on-chain data APIs. We also received a grant from the Polygon team.


GraphQL API Builder / Hedera & Filecoin Support

GraphQL Query Builder on Bitquery IDEGraphQL is new to many developers and especially to blockchain enthusiasts. Therefore, we introduced a new API builder, making it easy for beginners to get started with our Blockchain GraphQL APIs.


Visualizing Blockchain data / ETH2 APIs

GraphQL Charting on Bitquery IDEOur IDE already helps developers to create, save and share their blockchain data queries. Today, we are happy to announce that you can now also visualize your query results on our IDE. Just write any query and click to button t…


Merry Christmas 🎄 and a Happy New Year !!

Coinpath GraphQLNew depth parameterFaster results using caching Sankey money flow widgets 👇


Querying Conflux Blockchain

Want to learn how Bitquery works under the hood? Our CTO, Aleksey, gave a talk at the Clickhouse event last week. Check it out. 👇


A marriage of Market data with Blockchain data

We are one of the winners of the ETH2 data challenge for exposing ETH2 GraphQL APIs. You can read more about our ETH2 APIs here.


Conflux Grant, ETH2 support and New DEX APIs

Join our CTO Aleksey and discover the benefits of building on Binance Smart Chain in a virtual workshop tomorrow (10 Nov, 3 p.m. UTC). Get your free ticket now.


We are now supported by Binance 🎉

Want to investigate a blockchain address? Check out the following video and read this article, how you can use our products to analyze any blockchain address. 👇


Ethereum Token Balance API

We have partnered with Cryptosheets, if you want Bloxy or Bitquery data in excel sheets, try CryptoSheets.


We caught the Ethereum Classic attacker 👻

Bitquery updatesCardano Shelley hardfork integrationOur blog went in the dark modeInteresting readsLearn how criminal launder money using cryptocurrency what is blockchain analytics and how it is used in capital markets, we explained it our latest blog post.I…


Add blockchain data widgets on your website 🌐

Bitquery updatesBinance Smart Chain testnet explorerAccess Filecoin testnet data in our API productsIntegration with new Kyber network smart contractsYou can read details about these changes here.Interesting readsDo you know that you can create a crypto alert…


Twitter and Upbit hacking investigation

Bitquery updatesNew Conflux Blockchain supportChange in the logic of path computation in Coinpath's paths API.New limit and offset parameterA new format parameter (Graph XML/ GEXF), so you can visualize the Coinpath® API results in Gephi.You can read details …