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This is the end... for now - Bite-Sized Legal #13

Hello,I have decided to drop this newsletter.After 12 issues, I think that this content is better fit for a knowledge base instead of a newsletter.I'm gonna create a website that would answer the legal questions an indie maker or a freelancer may have. I plan…


Does the CCPA Apply to Your Business - Bite-Sized Legal #12

CCPA is the California Consumer Protection Act. Among other things, it prescribes the data protection laws for California businesses and residents.The CCPA requires businesses to provide users with a privacy policy that contains specific elements and to let t…


Does Your Employer Owns Your Side Projects - Bite-Sized Legal #11

Work for hire is the work you do for your employer or client in return for money or other benefits.This is the work you do in your working hours for the employer or the client according to your contract.The work for hire belongs to the employer or client. It …


How to Obtain Valid Consent to Use Cookies - Bite-Sized Legal #10

You need a compliant cookie banner.A compliant cookie banner requests for explicit consent. It doesn't fire up cookies before obtaining explicit consent.The consent is explicit if it meets the following criteria:It is freely given. This means that it is not c…


What Happens After Incorporating in the US from Abroad - Bite-Sized Legal #9

The state where your business is incorporated requires submitting an annual form. The purpose of this form is to confirm that your business still exists. It contains the most basic information about the business, such as name, EIN, address, and similar inform…


How to Incorporate in the US from Abroad - Bite-Sized Legal #8

Every year you need to submit a form to the state confirming that your business is still up and running. The fee is low and varies from state to state.You also need to pay taxes, if you owe any.If you are a single-member LLC founder and your company is a disr…


Incorporation in the US for non-US Entrepreneurs - Bite-Sized Legal #7

US corporations offer entrepreneurs:Favourable taxation in many states (as little as 0%)World-class bankingThe best payment processors, including StripeBetter access to venture capitalPossible to incorporate and open a bank account without travelling to the U…


Does the GDPR Apply to You and How to Comply - Bite-Sized Legal #6

You can determine that by applying the following formula:EU business + EU users = GDPR appliesEU business + non-EU users = GDPR appliesEU business + EU/non-EU users = GDPR appliesNon-EU business + EU users = GDPR appliesNon-EU business + non-EU users = GDPR d…


Non-Disclosure Agreements Essentials - Bite-Sized Legal #5

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is an agreement between a company and an employee/contractor that prohibits the employer/contractor from disclosing confidential information about the work to other people or in public.Basically, with the NDA you agree that yo…


Terms of Service Basics - Bite-Sized Legal #4

Terms of Service are an agreement between you and your user. It sets the terms and conditions of the use of your product.So, you have a website and a user lands on it. They roam around, have a look at your product, and sign up. They pay for using the product.…


Corporate taxation vs. personal taxation - Bite-Sized Legal #3

So, if you incorporate and your company owes taxes in its country or state, it will pay taxes there. Then, the rest of the money will be transferred to your personal bank account and you'll pay personal income taxes on that money.If your company is a pass-thr…


Do you need a privacy policy - Bite-Sized Legal #2

Having some text named privacy policy on your website is not enough for compliance.There are two things you have to keep in mind:The privacy policy has to contain a minimum set of elements to be compliant with the relevant data protection laws. At a minimum, …


When to Incorporate - Bite-Sized Legal #1

If you are lucky to have access to world-class banking options, including access to Stripe, PayPal, and similar services, use the following framework to understand whether you need to incorporate yet or not:Start your project and try to make money.Do not inco…