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Jan Wüstenfeld
Jan Wüstenfeld
Why I am bullish on Bitcoin plebs

Hey everyone,
In today’s issue, I don’t want to talk about the markets and macro, but rather why I am more bullish than ever on Bitcoin plebs.
Spoiler: They are the ones that continue to build during the bear market and support each other and are the most important asset for bitcoin.
As I am currently enjoying my holidays, I will keep it a bit shorter on the newsletter today, and yes, I still spend way too much time on Twitter, as some of you may have noticed. :D
From August 11 to August 14, I have been to the Bitcoin-Zitadelle at Bio Schwand, Münsingen in Switzerland. At this conference, or as I would rather call it, a Bitcoin family gathering, around 300 German-speaking Bitcoin plebs met.
The venue is an organic farm with cows not far from the stage. Niko Jilch even orange-pilled a chicken during the presentation on the topic “The battle for the world currency - what role does Bitcoin play?”.
And no, there was no Lambo to be seen anywhere near the conference. Just normal Bitcoiners meeting and building the future with Bitcoin in it. If you wanted to get the full pleb experience, you slept in a tent on the field nearby with an amazing scenery to wake up to.
The bitcoin price has only played a very minor role at the conference, and you had to look very closely to find anyone mentioning the price.
It was all about exchanging ideas, answering questions and, more importantly, making connections.
The fact that so many people gathered in Switzerland to talk about Bitcoin despite it being in a bear market is a testament to that.
While we have come very far, there is still so much to learn and particularly to build, and these kinds of meetings are the perfect place to make the connections to do so.
For instance, we have already come far with regard to the Lightning Network. At the Bitcoin-Zitadellle, everything has been paid with Satoshi, from Pleb Rap merch and books to drinks. But there is also still a lot to build here.
While the world seems to be falling apart around us, the positive energy at the Bitcoin-Zitadelle among Bitcoiners for our future is inspiring. The Bitcoiners I have met during the conference and elsewhere are driven by the idea that a positive future is possible with Bitcoin.
If you look into the future positively and don’t think that everything is doomed, you are also ready to build that future, and that’s the energy that I felt during that conference.
While some may still be looking for ways to contribute to the space, most of whom I spoke to want to contribute and not just sit on the sidelines. I am sure that some of those who have not figured out how to contribute yet, have gotten closer to that during the conference.
Last year’s Bitcoin-Zitadelle has, amongst others, brought us Bitcoin Meetups in a lot of places in the D/A/CH area and, from what I heard speaking with other Bitcoiners at the conference, the Bitcoin-Zitadelle from a year ago was the last push for them to work towards quitting their Fiat job and work in the Bitcoin space full-time.
I am convinced that this year’s conference will give an even bigger push towards new things.
I am very excited to see what looking back, will have grown out of this Bitcoin-Zitadelle.
Jan Wüstenfeld
Taking some time off in the Swiss alps after the @BTCZitadelle. 🇨🇭

Reflecting on all the amazing encounters and exchanges. 💛

More bullish than ever on Bitcoin plebs! 🐂

Excited to see what's to come! 🔥

@lipa_btc @PocketBitcoin @approppo
Long story short. It is the connections we make that make the community grow, and this is how Bitcoin ultimately thrives.
In the best case, the connections made might inspire you to contribute to the space and even, at some point, to quit your Fiat job. But for sure, it will help you get through the good and bad of bitcoin cycles.
If you are still here and reading this you will make it through these times for sure.
Go out into the meat space, meet up with fellow Bitcoiners, exchange ideas, connect, build, etc…!
And don’t be afraid to ask questions and ask for help.
The good news is that you don’t have to travel far to a conference to meet up with fellow Bitcoiners. For instance, last years Bitcoin-Zitadelle brought us Einundzwanzig Bitcoin-Meetups.
Go to one of the nearby meetups. In the unlikely case that there isn’t one yet, you can easily change that and start one. You might be surprised how many Bitcoiners there are also waiting for a meetup to pop up near them. As most of the meetups take place in a bar or restaurant, there is also not much to organise for you.
If you are not living in the D/A/CH area, seek meetups on Twitter etc…
Bitcoin-Meetups · Einundzwanzig, der Bitcoin Podcast
Before I am ending this newsletter, another important topic where the Bitcoin community proves and can further prove that we are sticking together.
There are people out there pretending to be Satoshi and suing people who say otherwise.
Unfortunately, hodlonaut is one of those getting sued and has to defend himself in UK court.
If you can, consider donating some Sats to hodlonaut for his defence.
hodlonaut 🌮⚡🔑 🐝
Dear bitcoiners,

I need your help to finish a fight that began back in March, 2019.
Let’s show them that the Bitcoin community is strong and that we are not caving to legal threats by anyone!
You rock!
Jan Wüstenfeld
This content is for educational purposes only. It does not constitute trading advice. Past performance does not indicate future results. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose. The author of this article may hold assets mentioned in the piece.
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Jan Wüstenfeld
Jan Wüstenfeld @JanWues

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