How to Earn Your Income from Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin One on One, Episode 1)





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How to Earn Your Income from Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin One on One, Episode 1)
By David Veksler • Issue #3 • View online
Friends, I offer a word of warning.
Shiba Inu is trending because of its astronomical returns.
But all coins start with a price of $0.
This makes it easy to achieve insane growth numbers.
For example, if I mint “Poodle coin” with a supply of 1 billion, then sell it to my friend Joe for $1, I have a market cap of $1 billion. If Joe sells it back to me for $10K, my coin now has a 10,000% return.  
Crypto pump and dump schemes are more sophisticated than this, but not by much. I won’t dissuade you from gambling by trying to time the market, but don’t expect to buy a meme coin, then come back five years later and retire.
Also, coins are not cheap because the price is .00000001. Look at the supply. SHIB has a circulating supply of 400 trillion. For it to be worth $1, the market cap would need to be over $400 trillion – more than all the money in the world. How likely is that?

David Veksler
2020/10/20 update:

Bitcoin vs Investment gold ($2.6 trillion)

█████░░░░░░ 47%

Multiplier left: 2.2x
Bitcoin price at 100%: $140,000
Premiere of the Bitcoin One on One Podcast
Bitcoin One on One is my brand new podcast.
In this premiere episode of Bitcoin On One, we’re talking about how to make a full-time income in the cryptocurrency space. 
Josh Souter came over to my backyard to discuss how he was able to quit his job to become a full-time crypto investor. 
We’re going to discuss lending, staking, liquidity farming, and other ways to make money in crypto. 
Josh is a long-time cryptocurrency investor and advocates for all things liberty-related. He currently co-runs Liberty on the Rocks Denver and has had his work published in FEE, and featured on the Corbett report.
Bitcoin One on One, Episode #1: How to make money in crypto with Josh Souter
Bitcoin One on One, Episode #1: How to make money in crypto with Josh Souter
Bitcoin Advice @ Telegram & WhatsApp
Get instant answers to your crypto questions at my Telegram and WhatsApp groups.
Crypto 101, One on One
Crypto 101, One on One” is your personal deep dive into the cryptocurrency space.
I will teach you both the essential skills and advanced techniques needed to be successful in Bitcoin/crypto, whether you are an investor, HODLer, or want to join the blockchain ecosystem.
The topics we will cover are up to you. Decide what you wish to cover or tell me your goals and I will build a lesson for you. 
We can be 100% hand-on — setting up a cold storage/hardware wallet, funding liquidity pools, or making trades — or theoretical, discussing the pros and cons of Bitcoin versus Ethereum, the outlook for gold vs Bitcoin, and the impact of upcoming legislation.
I recommend a half-hour for each topic, but we can be as brief or in-depth as you like.
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The HODL Module
The first thing you must know about Bitcoin is how to store it. It can be complicated to store Bitcoin safely. We will cover the basic principles of properly keeping your Bitcoin safe, yet available for transactions and trades. Did you know you can trade Bitcoin right from your wallet, without any exchanges involved?
You can earn passive income from your cryptocurrency holdings. The rewards can be significant – up to 72% annual yield. However, the risks can also be high, and there are several very different methods to profit from your crypto.
If you prefer to be an active trader rather than a passive investor, this is for you. This topic is about the mechanics of trading rather than any specific technique or coin recommendations. Learn how to place orders, and avoid potential pitfalls that will cost you.
Do you want to start mining your own crypto? Get hands-on and start mining immediately to understand the basic principles involved.
For Bitcoin to be successful it needs an entire ecosystem of services that integrate the blockchain with the rest of the economy. This module helps you understand the different roles that players take to make the crypto economy possible. Additionally, we will compare and contrast the different kinds of crypto assets: cryptocurrencies, utility tokens, security tokens, and NFT’s.
While it’s exciting to celebrate the latest peak in Bitcoin’s price, it’s more important to understand the big picture. What makes Bitcoin so valuable? How does its potential compare to other asset types? What threats does Bitcoin face in the short, medium, and long term? 
The NO-BS Module
There are thousands of crypto-related scams out there. Some of the scammers are very good. Learn the five most popular types of scams and how to avoid them.
The CRYPTO-Commerce Module
There are several good options for merchants to accept Bitcoin payments including BTCPay, Coinbase Commerce, and BitPay Checkout. The integration process is still complex, and the process must be properly secured, especially if multiple staff need to process payments. Let me help you integrate Bitcoin/crypto payments for Point of Sale payments.
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Next: The HODLers Guide to Personal Finance
My next email will present “The HODLers Guide to Personal Finance”
So you bought Bitcoin. Now what?
Bitcoiners are excited about Bitcoin’s ATH (all-time high) this week. But there is more to Bitcoin and crypto assets than the latest price, and there’s more to being an enthusiast than just HODLing it.
If you want to understand the potential of Bitcoin, you need fully engage with the Bitcoin ecosystem.
I will discuss topics such as:
  • Why HODLing Bitcoin isn’t enough
  • How to think about allocating Bitcoin vs stocks/bonds
  • Where and when to buy Bitcoin (dollar-cost-averaging vs market timing)
  • When to sell Bitcoin within the context of your personal financial goals
  • How to spend Bitcoin to fund your lifestyle
  • Avoiding paying taxes on Bitcoin with tax-smart moves
Stay tuned for more Bitcoin & cryptocurrency insight!
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David Veksler

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