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Welcome to new testers who have joined us in the past couple of days (especially if I don't know you
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Big Revolution
Welcome to new testers who have joined us in the past couple of days (especially if I don’t know you personally!). 
Feedback was overwhelmingly positive to yesterday’s running order, so I’m keeping it the same today. Thinking about the subject line, I always go for something unique and eyecatching that relates to the ‘Big Read’ section, although I wonder if it confuses some readers.
I’m nearly ready to launch the daily email properly. Just its proper name to decide…

Big things you need to know today
- Google’s A.I. tech is helping the US government with image recognition for drone footage. It’s apparently not for combat use, but some of the company’s staff are upset at the news.
- Electric clocks plugged into the mains supply in continental Europe have apparently been running up to five minutes slow over the past month. Read this to understand how such clocks rely on a steady current to keep time.
- Google Photos for Android is getting smarter. Lens, a feature that recognises objects in your photos, was previously only available on Pixel phones. Now it’s extending to all of Android, with iOS to follow.
- Daily news podcasts are the new hotness, according to Wired. A few years ago, we did a daily news podcast at TNW. It was a difficult slog and we reached a cap of regular listeners we couldn’t break through. At least I can say we did it before it was cool.
- Explore Disney resorts in the USA for free. Well, kind of. Google Street View now supports 11 of the company’s American parks.
The big thought
Image credit Radovan on Unsplash
The last, sorry-looking BlackBerry on the bush
When big technology companies have run out of steam and ideas, their last desperate gasp for survival often comes in the form of suing people for really silly things.
BlackBerry might have once been king of mobile messaging, but now those days have gone, it’s going to sue a company that is. Facebook and its subsidiaries WhatsApp and Instagram have been hit with a 117-page filing. 
The patent-focused complaint covers even the simplest little things like unread message counts and displaying messaging-related icons.
Companies have a duty to protect their patents, and in the end this is just business. But it’s a poor look and a sad decline for a once proud brand. People don’t build companies with plans for them to become a fistful of patents fought over by lawyers. If I was a founder of BlackBerry, I’d be looking on with embarrassment today.
It’s hard not to agree with Facebook’s statement on the subject:
“Blackberry’s suit sadly reflects the current state of its messaging business. Having abandoned its efforts to innovate, Blackberry is now looking to tax the innovation of others. We intend to fight.”
One big read
Photo by on Unsplash
Twitter might not give users the option of charging for their tweets, but that’s not stopped a startup named Premo from letting ‘thought leaders’ charge up to $30 per month for the privilege of reading their tweets.
This article from The Outline looks at the kind of tweets you get if you pay up. Fancy paying $10 per month to read tweets by Eric 'Time For Some Game Theory’ Garland? Me neither, but apparently some people do.
One big tweet
I feel sorry for people whose employers force them to hold back their personality on Twitter. My experience is the same as Mic’s… which is pretty good considering my jokes are far worse than his.
Mic Wright
Today, someone told me I should curtail my activities on Twitter but truth is that I’ve had more work FROM Twitter and being myself than I’ve lost from it. This is the way I am.
8:00 PM - 6 Mar 2018
That’s all for today...
See you tomorrow, when I might have a proper name for the newsletter at last!
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