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Hello and thanks for all the great feedback so far, both by email and even face-to-face!  You'll noti
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Big Revolution
Hello and thanks for all the great feedback so far, both by email and even face-to-face! 
You’ll notice a ‘big’ theme evolving to the regular section headings, and that theme will probably extend to the newsletter’s official title before it properly launches. 
Do you think I should move the sections into a different order? Let me know…

Reasons to be cheerful
The title slide from a talk I gave yesterday. Cheerful!
I’m feeling upbeat about the future of digital media. 
With ad fraud in the spotlight, ad-blocking now pretty mainstream, redundancies at big publishers, reduced public trust in the media, Facebook playing god with traffic, and ever more convincing fakery possible thanks to technology, it’s easy to think media is doomed.
But as I noted in a talk I gave yesterday, there are reasons to be optimistic:
- Brands can be successful journalistic publishers (see this I wrote 18 months ago, and stand by today).
- As social clickbait models prove less successful (bye-bye, Little Things), real quality has a chance to shine in a way it hasn’t in the past.
- Whether it’s via e-commerce, paywalls, events, webinars, or exclusive perks, publishers with a strong audience can still build successful businesses.
- Journalists themselves have more opportunity than ever to build individual brands and businesses for themselves. My former colleague Owen Williams is a great example of this, with his $8.99 per month Charged community.
- Companies like Google and Facebook now see it as their responsibility to fund journalistic initiatives. I’m working with Google as an external assessor for the latest round of their Digital News Initiative Innovation Fund, to support innovation in digital news journalism. Applications are open now.
One big read
Secret Documents From Russia’s Election Trolls Leak Secret Documents From Russia’s Election Trolls Leak
Big things you need to know today
A 1.3Tbs DDoS Hit GitHub, the Largest Yet Recorded
- Uber is getting into the healthcare market, with a service to help healthcare providers in the USA get patients to and from appointments. “A health care provider can book a ride for patients and caregivers immediately, within a few hours, or with 30 days’ notice. The company is positioning itself as a cheaper and more reliable option than most non-emergency medical transportation.”
- Rivals are getting together in deals I thought would never happen. Dropbox is integrating with Google’s G Suite, and Sky will offer Netflix streaming on its Q box later this year. Wow.
- Microsoft has really interesting new app to help visually impaired people. “Available as a free iPhone app in the U.S. and the UK, Soundscape uses 3D audio to help users to better understand their surroundings. As you walk around, Soundscape will call out points of interest around you.”
One big tweet
Twitter wants to become a healthier place to spend time, and a more positive force for human good. CEO Jack Dorsey is clearly sick of people describing it as a toxic dump full of nastiness. The company has said this kind of thing before but it seems more serious about acting on it this time.
Click through below to read his full thread…
We’re committing Twitter to help increase the collective health, openness, and civility of public conversation, and to hold ourselves publicly accountable towards progress.
3:33 PM - 1 Mar 2018
That's all for today
The newsletter test will continue over the weekend, in a slightly shortened form. I plan to do this every day of the year if I can!
As ever, any and all feedback is welcome. Just hit ‘reply’ to this email.
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