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Hi all, I'm trying another order for the different sections of the newsletter today. Yesterday I got
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Big Revolution
Hi all, I’m trying another order for the different sections of the newsletter today. Yesterday I got loads of feedback by email and face-to-face Thank you all. I’m still aiming for a proper launch of the newsletter next week.

Big things you need to know today
- AirPods for audiophiles? The usually reliable Bloomberg reports that Apple is planning high(er)-end wireless earphones that could launch this year – if it can sort out development problems.
- You can now get Google Search inside iMessage. An update to Google’s iOS Search app teaches Apple’s Messages some useful new tricks.
- WordPress now powers 30% of sites on the web, according to new research. Fun fact: WordPress co-founder Mike Little lives in Greater Manchester, a few miles from my house. He makes a living as… a WordPress consultant.
- Google is offloading Zagat, the restaurant reviews company it acquired for $151m, nearly seven years ago. Reviews startup The Infatuation has acquired it for an undisclosed sum. 
The big thought
Community management: extreme difficulty mode
This morning I found myself gripped to a Reddit thread started by the company’s co-founder and CEO, Steve Huffman. In it, he admits there’s evidence of Russian propaganda on the platform.
What interested me though, were the calls from users for Reddit to deal with far-right radicalisation of young white men, particularly through subreddits like the notorious ‘The_Donald.’
Sample comment: “And you all refuse to act for one simple reason: you’re afraid of how it looks. You’re worried that the headline will be 'Reddit takes political stance and bans Donald Trump supporters.’ Which is obviously not the case, since the ban would be for brigading, racism, sexism, etc. But you’re worried that you can’t control the narrative.”
This 'narrative’ is one challenge for Reddit, but it’s also worth considering:
- Changing too much of Reddit’s longstanding permissive culture (even for necessary reasons like tackling abuse and antisocial behaviour) would be like intricate surgery. Much of the positive behaviour that has made it such a force for good over the years is due to exactly the same focus on pseudonymous freewheeling as the bad stuff.
- If far-right radicalisation is removed from Reddit, it may well move into much more difficult-to-track corners of the internet.
That’s not to say Reddit shouldn’t do more – it should. But the challenges it faces reflect how social platforms have become just as messy and complex as the rest of the human condition – we just haven’t worked out how to navigate them yet. 
One big read
From Russia with blood
In light of the news that an apparent Russian double agent has been taken ill with poisoning in the UK, it’s worth a fresh look at this in-depth report from last year
It looks at how Vladimir Putin’s enemies have died in the UK without consequences time and again.
One big tweet
The man has a point. The actual delivery on blockchain promise is waaaaay behind the level of hype.
Klint Finley
In my eight years covering the tech industry, I've covered some incredibly hyped tech: cloud, mobile, social, big data, Internet of Things. But I've never seen anything with a worse substance to hype ratio than the blockchain. Not even close.
6:05 PM - 5 Mar 2018
That’s all for today...
See you tomorrow!
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