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Big Revolution - Yurt it up?!

Hello from a train racing through the English countryside between Manchester and Birmingham. Today I'
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Big Revolution
Hello from a train racing through the English countryside between Manchester and Birmingham. Today I’ve been booked to moderate a couple of discussions about technology and business at a private event, part of my speaking work.
Top tip: if you travel a lot by train in the UK, buying a mobile tethering data package for your phone is almost certainly cheaper and more reliable than paying for on-train WiFi.
– Martin

Big things you need to know today
- Facebook is in full-on fight-back mode. Yesterday it ran full-page ads in a number of UK and US newspapers to apologise for “a breach of trust” around the Cambridge Analytica affair. Meanwhile, it pounced on the ’Facebook stores your call and SMS logs’ story from yesterday with a blog post pointing out this is opt-in. However, Casey Newton from The Verge notes the wording of the options in the dialog box isn’t exactly clear
- Uber is offloading its struggling Southeast Asia operations to local rival Grab. It follows similar moves in China and Russia over the past couple of years.
- Hit quiz app HQ Trivia has signed a $3m deal to promote Warner Bros movies, according to AdAge. This gives the company behind app, which raised $15m investment recently, the beginnings of a business model. Kind of important since it gives out cash prizes every day.
- No, Emma González of the #NeverAgain movement hasn’t torn up the US constitution. It’s a bad edit of a Teen Vogue photo, being shared around by anti-gun control types. People who want to believe it will believe it, of course.
The big thought
Yurt it up?!
If there’s one thing the Cambridge Analytica story hammered home, it’s the importance of emotion in advertising. The whole reason the company hyper-targeted political ads at specific people is to push their emotional buttons.
Well, the current ad for Diet Coke on TV in the UK certainly pushes my emotional buttons; it makes me so mad I want to destroy my TV. Here, have a watch…
Life is Short, Have a Diet Coke | Because I Can | Diet Coke GB - YouTube
I was discussing this ad on Twitter yesterday, and others said it was ‘twee.’ That’s being polite. It’s rage-inducingly confusing.  
Now, I’m probably not the kind of person this ad is aimed at, but I fail to see who it could possibly be aimed at.
Who over the age of 12 feels they need permission to drink Diet Coke? Why is this woman qualified to give them permission? Why is she talking to me like I’m a toddler? A very strange toddler who wants to live in a yurt, but a toddler nevertheless. Why does she explain her love for 'ath-leisure’ clothing like I’m stupid? Why does she say 'leisure’ the American way?
Now, the American and Puerto Rican versions of the ad don’t seem anywhere near cloying. The weird mention of yurts even seems to make sense with the American woman’s delivery. 
So maybe the UK version of the ad just didn’t hit the mark. I’m amazed it got signed off, but hey – at least Diet Coke made me feel something, which is more than any Coke ad I can remember in my lifetime. Cambridge Analytica would be proud.
One big read
A healthcare algorithm started cutting care, and no one knew why A healthcare algorithm started cutting care, and no one knew why
Algorithms + healthcare provision = unexpected concequences, and not necessarily good ones. 
One big tweet
A good set of shareable experiences from a startup entrepreneur who’s been there, done it, and got the bloodied and battered t-shirt.
Ryan Caldbeck
1/ In honor of all the CEOs who have told me they are "crushing it," and that they “can’t keep up with the growth” - I’d like to put forward just some of the many many mistakes I’ve made as CEO. Some were bad for @CircleUp , some were just embarrassing:
7:10 PM - 25 Mar 2018
That’s all for today...
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