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Big Revolution - Why the 'Trump bump' has slumped

Welcome to Wednesday's newsletter, with plenty to dig into if you're so inclined. — Martin from Big
June 26 · Issue #455 · View online
Big Revolution
Welcome to Wednesday’s newsletter, with plenty to dig into if you’re so inclined.
— Martin from Big Revolution

Big things you need to know today
  • Some American tech firms have found ways to continue selling to Huawei despite the trade ban. The methods make it difficult for the White House to clamp down.
The big thought
Credit: Samantha Sophia on Unsplash
Why the ‘Trump bump’ has slumped
Back in 2017, the 'Trump bump’ was a real thing for news publishers. Everyone wanted to know everything about what new President Donald Trump was saying and doing, and that meant a big traffic boost for news.
But novelties wear off. As Axois reports:
“The shock factor around President Trump’s unplanned announcements, staff departures, taunting tweets and erratic behavior is wearing off, and media companies are scrambling to find their next big moneymaker.”
But don’t let that fool you into thinking that people are bored of Trump. I’d argue it’s more a case that you can only be hyper-angry for so long.
Outrage and indifference have turned to apathy and acceptance of a 'new normal.’ Many people are still very much opposed to Trump and his politics, but after a while, it became clear that nothing was going to unseat him any time soon, and most of America wasn’t changing for the worst particularly quickly.
It’s not that people suddenly like him, or even accept him, it’s just they accept there’s not a lot they can do about him right now.
Even the talk of concentration camps for immigrants hasn’t cut through in quite the same way it would have done if it had happened in the first few months of the Trump presidency.
The question is whether this relative apathy — combined with the lack of a real superstar rival on the Democrats’ side — will lead to America sleepwalking into another four years of Trump. I certainly wouldn’t discount it. What that means for news publishers’ traffic remains to be seen, but the 'Trump bump’ is probably gone for good.
One big read
Aggression Detectors: The Unproven, Invasive Surveillance Technology Schools Are Using to Monitor Students Aggression Detectors: The Unproven, Invasive Surveillance Technology Schools Are Using to Monitor Students
How some US schools are installing tech that purports to be able to detect anger and aggression before it turns to violence. However, it’s not necessarily reliable.
One big tweet
April Wensel
“How can we hire more diverse candidates while also not actually changing our hiring practices, which are based on a very narrow stereotype of what a good developer looks like?”

—pretty much every tech company
7:12 PM - 25 Jun 2019
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