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Big Revolution - When deepfake becomes deepreal

Hello and welcome to Monday's Big Revolution. My MacBook Pro charger has died, so today's edition is
May 21 · Issue #85 · View online
Big Revolution
Hello and welcome to Monday’s Big Revolution. My MacBook Pro charger has died, so today’s edition is brought to you by my old Chromebook which no longer holds a charge and can only work when plugged in. Meanwhile, my iPad Pro works fine but can’t do the inline text links in the newsletter creator interface.
Technology is never boring, I suppose.

Big things you need to know today
- Data breach of the day: An app that allows parents to monitor their teenagers left its servers open to anyone, without a password. So much for the secure service it advertised. What’s worse? The available data included teens’ Apple ID login password in plain text, ZDNet reports.
- Could Facebook be broken up? A coalition of American progressive groups is launching a “six-figure digital ad offensive,” calling on the Federal Trade Commission to break Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger off from Facebook, Axios reports. The chance of this campaign achieving its goal is slim right now, to say the least, but the news shows again how Facebook is everyone’s favourite corporate bogeyman right now.
The big thought
'Deepfake' Trump
When deepfake becomes deepreal
Yesterday, BuzzFeed reported on what might be the first use of a ‘deepfake’ video by a political party. A Belgian campaign video shows Donald Trump urging the country to follow the USA out of the Paris climate agreement.
Now, this video is wonky and isn’t going to fool anyone who gives it more than a cursory glance, and at the very end of the video 'Trump’ says it’s a fake. But these videos only need to be marginally better than this before they’re good enough to make a chunk of their audience think they might be real.
And the confusion that spreads from not knowing what’s real and fake is only part of the problem. You know what’s pretty easy to do, and would cause even more trouble? Manipulating real footage to look like it’s a deepfake, and thus less trustworthy.
If you make people unable to trust anything they see - or at least make them think there’s a slim chance everyone is lying to them, you can manipulate them in dangerous ways.
While it may be possible to stop political parties using such techniques, stopping their supporters may be a lot harder.
We’re not quite there, but every day we’re inching closer. 
One big read
Who Charges Those Electric Bird Scooters? Who Charges Those Electric Bird Scooters?
This is a great read about the nature of low-paid work in the 21st century. 
San Francisco is currently awash with electric scooters that people can rent for short journeys, via an app. Someone needs to charge them overnight though, and the people with the task are gig-economy workers who engage in what amounts to ‘Pokémon Go for scooters.’ Rustling scooters can be a competitive - and dangerous - game, though.
One big tweet
Seth Abramson has built a name for himself with long, winding anti-Trump Twitter threads that annoy as many people as they inform. Here he turns his attention to Jordan Peterson. It’s 75 tweets long, but an interesting read, if you can get through it all. It should have been a blog post really, but still…
Seth Abramson
(THREAD) I just watched @rustyrockets interview @jordanbpeterson, and want to say that—among my many objections to Peterson—I resent his framing retrograde cultural philosophies as post-postmodern. This thread details how Peterson's schtick is destructive. I hope you'll share it.
12:22 AM - 20 May 2018
That’s all for today...
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