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Big Revolution - What is a 'big revolution' anyway?

Firstly, a little apology, Yesterday, I linked to an old article about Facebook pre-announcing change
March 30 · Issue #33 · View online
Big Revolution
Firstly, a little apology, Yesterday, I linked to an old article about Facebook pre-announcing changes to its privacy controls, rather than the actual, new, privacy controls announcement, which is here.
Now, onto today’s news…
- Martin

Big things you need to know today
Credit: Aaron Burden on Unsplash
- Today in ‘the world getting a bit less integrated and trusting,’ the AP reports that all US visa applicants around the world will have to share their social media details. No word if people on the ESTA visa waiver scheme (most Brits visiting the USA, for example) are affected. I imagine some people will become a lot more careful about their public views of the White House.
- Also, if you’re a British person or business with a .eu domain, you’ll have to give it up after Brexit.
- More embarrassment for Facebook, after a leaked 2016 memo described the company’s ‘growth at any cost’ approach, even if people die as a result. The Verge has, er, leaked screenshots of the fallout of the leak, from Facebook’s internal staff discussion groups.
- iOS 11.3 is out now, with better battery management, improved AR capabilities and more. Update your iPhones and iPads post-haste.
The big thought
Credit: Ken Treloar on Unsplash
What is a ‘big revolution’ anyway?
Why did I choose the name for this newsletter? No-one’s really asked, but given that it’s largely been focused on technology in recent weeks, you might assume that it’s all about technological revolutions. That’s a big part of it, but as today’s 'big read’ below shows, Big Revolution is broader than that.
Depending on what’s happening in the world, there might be a little more politics some days, tech on other days, maybe economics on another. It’s all about how the world is changing crazily fast these days, and trying to make sense of it.
It feels like, while lots of small things (and some big things) are changing quickly in the world right now, overall we’re seeing a 'big’ global revolution take place slowly – an enormous shift in who has power. 
It’s not the people-powered revolution some thought the internet world bring, with greater democratic accountability and less corruption. Instead, it’s a far more complicated shift. People have more of a voice, but the interesting thing to watch is which groups of the most powerful seize the opportunities of this new world, by understanding it the best. 
So, that’s what Big Revolution is about. And occasionally new gadgets.
One big read
Vladimir Putin’s politics of eternity
This is a couple of weeks old, but an interesting long read on how narratives told by a few powerful people shape our lives and our perspectives on the world. I couldn’t help but read it in the voice of documentary maker Adam Curtis – it feels like it could be the synopsis of one of his films, rather than an excerpt from a new book.
One big tweet
Yes! I know you want video views, but you don’t have to be super-cheesy with it.
i didn't agree with that tweet when i wrote it
youtube has a ton of issues but tbh the awful thumbnails that everyone uses on their videos might be the worst thing about it
1:50 AM - 30 Mar 2018
That’s all for today...
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