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Big Revolution - Untapped luxury apps

Welcome to Friday's newsletter, folks! – Martin from Big Revolution
March 15 · Issue #372 · View online
Big Revolution
Welcome to Friday’s newsletter, folks!
– Martin from Big Revolution

Big things you need to know today
  • Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference 2019 will run from 3-7 June in San Jose, California. New versions of iOS and MacOS are usually unveiled here, and new hardware sometimes makes an appearance too.
  • Microsoft now lets iOS and Android developers add Xbox live features to their games via a new SDK. Will Sony follow suit?
  • Dropbox has quietly added a three-device limit for free users. If you have more devices linked, they’ll still work, but you can’t add more.
  • Google has broken a world record by calculating Pi to 31.4 trillion digits using cloud computing. The feat took 112 days, and was announced on Pi Day.
The big thought
Is there room for more luxury apps like Superhuman?
Untapped luxury apps
Regular readers may remember I use Superhuman as my email client. Superhuman’s pitch is that it’s Gmail but with a much slicker, faster interface that allows users to be more productive and helps many see ‘inbox zero’ for the first time in years.
There is a price for this though – $29 per month, in fact. With no free trial.
“Why would anyone spend that on a fancy skin for Gmail?,” someone asked me this week.
My reply? Why would someone spend £500 on a night at a hotel when there are hotels that are functionally the same for £60? They both give you a bed for the night, right?
People pay more because they want a better experience from their hotel, even if at their core, both price points achieve the same basic function. So why wouldn’t they do that with their apps, too?
Superhuman is a premium, almost luxury, app. I’m willing to bet that the productivity app market is now mature enough that there’s space for other apps that offer a high-quality experience with excellent customer service.
Delivering such an app would be difficult. You’d need A-grade developers, a laser focus on what made the best product experience, and real marketing experts that guiding the entire process.
It’s easy to imagine other apps along the lines of Superhuman failing by not learning enough from luxury and premium brands in other fields. But it’s doable, and the app market is mature enough to support such apps. Is anyone going to build them?
One big read
The Hottest Chat App for Teens Is Google Docs The Hottest Chat App for Teens Is Google Docs
How Google Docs has become the ‘social network’ school kids don’t need their phones to use.
One big tweet
Here’s the latest from Tesla…
scott budman
#Breaking: Tesla unveils the #ModelY
Mid-size SUV.
$39,000 - $47,000
300 mile per charge range.
Will have self-driving option.
Seating for 7.
No release date yet.
3:56 AM - 15 Mar 2019
That’s all for today...
Back tomorrow with your weekend dose of good reads.
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