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Hello and welcome to today's edition of Big Revolution. The rest of my day includes speaking at a TED
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Big Revolution
Hello and welcome to today’s edition of Big Revolution. The rest of my day includes speaking at a TEDx event put on by school students in Chester. I’m already impressed by the level of organisation behind it, and I seriously doubt I’d have had the drive to put together an event like that – to TEDx standards – when I was a teenager.

Big things you need to know today
General Assembly
- Tech education company General Assembly has been bought by Switzerland-based recruitment agency Adecco for $412.5m… in case you’ve ever wondered who might provide an exit for a firm like General Assembly.
- Cool CSI-like tech from Google researchers: they’re figured out how to get software to isolate the sound of one person talking in a noisy environment in a video… by lip reading.
- Samsung says it’s considering using blockchain tech to manage its global supply network. ‘Considering’ is the key word here, there are no guarantees it will move ahead with the idea.
- The UK House of Lords has released an in-depth report about artificial intelligence. It’s a sensible report that says the UK is well placed to be strong in the future of the field (true) and that ethics need to be a priority as A.I. develops (yep).
The big thought
Credit: De Correspondent
Yesterday I read this really interesting article about how Dutch publication De Correspondent has built a comprehensive system to crowdsource expertise from its readers.
When they start work on an investigation, De Correspondent’s journalists tell their readers the topic they’re looking into, and ask for help. They have a system to mark experts as ‘verified,’ and the whole system is a slick and seemingly effective one.
It’s sad that this is a novel idea. The internet is the greatest collaboration platform the world has ever known, and yet journalists often keep their work to themselves until they hit 'publish,’ worried about being scooped by a rival if they reveal too much too soon.
At the same time, many young journalists are too subservient to PR people, taking the line they’re given first time as gospel, and not digging for more. 
Meanwhile, the world is changing faster than ever. The public can’t keep up, and all manner of seriously important, public interest stories are blown under the carpet on the breeze of a relentless news cycle that obsesses about a select few topics.
There are more than enough journalistic investigations to go around, and getting help from readers shouldn’t be seen as a last resort anymore. Let’s uncover the truth together.
One big read
Your Pretty Face is Going to Sell Your Pretty Face is Going to Sell
This is a fun read about the phenomenon known as ‘YouTube Face’ (example in the picture above), common in video thumbnails – “an exaggerated expression, an overreaction to a given video’s subject, typically conveying heightened states like disgust, anger, or ecstasy.”
One big tweet
Be honest, we’ve all done this at some point…
Alex Konrad
There should be a special notification for when you unfollow someone only because they unfollowed you and you can’t let that stand
6:54 PM - 15 Apr 2018
That’s all for today...
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