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Big Revolution - Tragic Heap?

Welcome to Monday's Big Revolution. It's a public holiday in the UK today, so I've got a weekend edit
August 27 · Issue #183 · View online
Big Revolution
Welcome to Monday’s Big Revolution. It’s a public holiday in the UK today, so I’ve got a weekend edition for you. Back to normal tomorrow.

Big things you need to know today
  • Payday loans pioneer Wonga is on the brink of collapse, according to Sky News. The company was briefly a tech industry darling a few years ago, thanks to its clever software for deciding whether or not to approve loans. But the huge social issues with high-interest, short-term lending mean few will mourn Wonga’s passing, should it occur.
Big reads
Magic Leap is a Tragic Heap Magic Leap is a Tragic Heap
Oculus founder Palmer Luckey reviews Magic Leap’s first headset, and he isn’t impressed.
“Magic Leap needed to really blow people away to justify the last few years. The product they put out is reasonably solid, but is nowhere close to what they had hyped up, and has several flaws that prevent it from becoming a broadly useful tool for development of AR applications.”
Why Mountain View is closer to India than Menlo Park
An interesting look at how to ‘do globalism’ well. Google has been better received in India than Facebook. This piece looks at why that is.
Artificial Intelligence Is Now a Pentagon Priority. Will Silicon Valley Help?
The Pentagon needs to catch up on A.I. tech at a time when Silicon Valley isn’t generally too keen to work with the military.
Why This Latest Facebook Feature Is Likely About Civility, Not Virality
Facebook has started showing some users things they have in common with strangers on the site. The default thought here is ‘this is to get people to befriend more strangers,’ but I prefer this take – it’s all about subtly showing what connects us at a time when it’s easier to act divided.
One big tweet
I wish I could read this full article. Click through on the tweet to read some snippets.
Jon Erlichman
On this day in 1991: Steve Jobs, 36, and Bill Gates, 35, discuss future of the PC in Fortune cover story:
4:15 PM - 26 Aug 2018
That’s all for today...
Back tomorrow with another full-length Big Revolution. See you in your inbox then.
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