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Big Revolution - ‘Told you so...’

Welcome to Thursday’s Big Revolution, brought to you though a haze of what can only be described as ‘
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Big Revolution
Welcome to Thursday’s Big Revolution, brought to you though a haze of what can only be described as ‘man flu.’

Big things you need to know today
  • Andy Rubin’s Essential is working on a phone that largely relies on voice commands and A.I. According to Bloomberg, it will have a small screen and “book appointments or respond to emails and text messages on its own.” The idea is supposedly to create something truly different.
  • Apple’s original video strategy involves a mixture of free and paid content. Some shows will be available to anyone with an Apple device, while users will have to pay to subscribe to certain ‘channels,’ CNBC reports. The content will supposedly launch early next year.
  • Amazon has scrapped an A.I. recruitment tool that filtered job applications after it was found to be biased against women.
The big thought
Credit: Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash
‘Told you so…’
A new study into the effects of GDPR shows early signs of exactly the outcome many predicted.
Cliqz and Ghostery have found that a month after GDPR came into effect, there were fewer trackers per site in the EU than a month before. Now, that was only 3.4% fewer, but given the number of trackers on many big websites, that still notable. And in the USA over the same period, the number of trackers increased 8.29%.
Few users will mourn the lost trackers, but the effect of GDPR on adtech companies is where informed observers will be saying ‘told you so!’ The report says that Google is the main beneficiary of GDPR. While most adtech companies lost significant amounts of reach in terms of their websites they ran on, Google actually slightly increased its market share.
GDPR was always going to benefit companies with the most resources to make sure they’re compliant with the law, and now we have some figures to begin to back that up. It’s just one study, but it’s a start.
Part of the European Commission’s agenda is reducing the influence of big American internet companies in the EU. When it comes to Google – the tech company most at odds with the EU in recent years – GDPR certainly doesn’t seem to have done that.
On the whole, GDPR is a good thing for end users, but the EU is going to have to do more than that if it wants to hold improve EU companies’ chances against their American rivals.
One big read
Teens Are Making Instagram Hate Pages About Each Other Teens Are Making Instagram Hate Pages About Each Other
A look at modern-day teen bullying tactics.
One big tweet
Benedict Evans
The great thing about Twitter is how many experts there are on every possible subject. Often the same person.
2:51 AM - 11 Oct 2018
That’s all for today...
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