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Big Revolution - This is my truth, tell me yours

Welcome to Tuesday's Big Revolution. This morning I've been chairing an event looking at cybersecurit
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Big Revolution
Welcome to Tuesday’s Big Revolution. This morning I’ve been chairing an event looking at cybersecurity for businesses. Yes, it turns out some people will happily turn up to a late industrial revolution era warehouse at 8am to hear about hacking and biometrics.

Big things you need to know today
  • Microsoft is reportedly working on ‘Windows Lite,’ a lightweight operating system based around web apps, and designed to take on ChromeOS. And another report says the company’s Edge browser is to be replaced by a Chromium-based one. Wow - that would have been unthinkable until recently.
  • A whopping 100m Quora accounts may have been compromised, with hackers likely having access to pretty much everything those users did on the Q&A service.
  • Apple will reportedly hold off on launching a 5G iPhone until 2020. Typical technological restraint from the company. The first 5G Android smartphones are expected in 2019, although their full capabilities won’t be available in many locations at first.
The big thought
It's a Manics reference in Big Revolution!
This is my truth, tell me yours
The most common reaction I’ve seen online to Tumblr announcing it will remove all adult content is ‘But Tumblr is full of it, what will be left when it goes?’
But my main thought was 'wait, there’s adult content on Tumblr?!’
Honestly, I’ve never seen it. Same with Twitter, and yet some claim Twitter is rife with it. (Can you tell I’m trying desperately to avoid trigging your spam filter by using the 'p-word?’)
I find our differing perceptions of online networks fascinating. To some, Twitter is a hellhole full of depressing news and a terrible problem with nazis that Jack Dorsey refuses to remove. To others, it’s packed with hilarious jokes. To others, it’s a focus for their political campaigning efforts in their local community. Others still only know it as a way to hear from celebrities… or talk about fishing, or even Siberian baking techniques… probably.
The point is, our perception of what a social network is, is defined almost entirely by the bubble we inhabit. We get angry about the network’s operators not listening to our concerns, but we forget that those operators also have to consider the people who think of the network as something else entirely. They’re juggling an almost limitless number of concepts of what their network is, with only cold, hard, soulless, overall data as a map.
Your Twitter, your Tumblr, your Reddit, your Facebook… it’s only your own personal truth. Don’t assume it’s anyone else’s.
One big read
The digital-media bubble is bursting. That’s hurting a generation of promising young journalists. The digital-media bubble is bursting. That’s hurting a generation of promising young journalists.
The digital media shakeout is mercilessly casting aside the talent it helped develop.
One big tweet
Stop apologising.
David Pierce
A few weeks ago, I stopped apologizing for the late reply on emails. I still take forever to respond, but I'm no longer sorry about it. It saves like 8 words per email and it feels AMAZING can't recommend it enough
11:50 PM - 3 Dec 2018
That’s all for today...
Back tomorrow with more – see you in your inbox then.
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