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Big Revolution - Thinking inside the box

Welcome to Thursday's newsletter. Read on, good folk... — Martin at Big Revolution
June 20 · Issue #450 · View online
Big Revolution
Welcome to Thursday’s newsletter. Read on, good folk…
— Martin at Big Revolution

Big things you need to know today
  • Slack is set to go public today on the NYSE. Shares are priced to open at $26 for this direct listing, a novel way of listing a tech company in the USA, even if it’s more common elsewhere.
  • Mandatory age verification for sites featuring adult content has reportedly been delayed again in the UK. Some might say the impractical, misguided policy should just be dropped.
  • Twitter is (mainly) removing the ability to tag your precise location to a tweet. The feature will still be available in the new camera mode, but other than that, it’s gone because apparently people just didn’t use it (I always found the place database to be somewhat lacking, anyway).
  • Kids will soon be able to build their own touchscreen Windows 10 PC. Kano’s new ‘Kano PC’ looks seriously impressive at $299/£299. It’s out in October.
The big thought
The BBC Box. Credit: BBC R&D
Thinking inside the box
It seems everyone is much more aware these days of the amount of data about themselves that’s floating around the internet. What if, instead of entrusting your data to faceless companies operating in ‘the cloud’ you stored it all at home in a jar?
That’s the idea behind a new experimental project from BBC R&D.
The BBC Box stores all the personal information needed to run your accounts on third-party services like Spotify or Instagram. If those services, or anyone else, wants that data, they need your permission to access the box each time.
This kind of centralised data pot could easily exist in the cloud. In fact, it would be much easier for everyone (including the owner of the data) if it did. But the physical box serves a purpose of making the user rethink their relationship with their data. Just as you might keep precious jewellery in a box in a drawer in your bedroom, the BBC Box encourages you to think of your data as something worth keeping physically close and safe.
The BBC will continue to explore use cases for the Box, but don’t expect it to become a commercial product any time soon. That’s okay though — as a conceptual piece of thought-provoking technology, it’s incredibly inspiring. And for now, maybe that’s enough.
One big read
Facebook moderators break their NDAs to expose desperate working conditions Facebook moderators break their NDAs to expose desperate working conditions
Another horrifying in-depth look at the working standards inside one of the centres that moderates Facebook content. You would not want to work at one of these places.
One big tweet
Pro-level inbox management…
Katie Mack
ME, YESTERDAY: *sends e-mail*

AUTOREPLY: I am out of the office on June 18th

ME, TODAY: *sends e-mail*

AUTOREPLY: I am out of the office on June 19th

ME: ...this guy is good
4:44 PM - 19 Jun 2019
That’s all for today...
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