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Big Revolution - The key to good security?

Welcome to today's Big Revolution. If you open this email shortly after it hits your inbox, you can t
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Big Revolution
Welcome to today’s Big Revolution. If you open this email shortly after it hits your inbox, you can tune in to BBC WM and hear me talking about 5G at about 10.10am UK time. Either way, here’s today’s newsletter…

Big things you need to know today
  • Microsoft is reportedly working on two new Xbox consoles, including one dedicated to streaming games over the internet rather than installing them locally. Seasoned Microsoft watch Brad Sams says the streaming service is codenamed ‘Scarlet Cloud.’
  • Google is to support blockchain applications via its developer-focused cloud services. This comes through a partnership with a startup called Digital Asset. Blockchain’s longterm impact may yet be unproven, but the demand for infrastructure to support it is undeniable.
  • Pinterest plans to float on the stock market (at last!) next year, CNBC reports.
The big thought
The key to good security?
Every form of security is a balance between convenience and effectiveness. It would be really convenient to have all your online passwords set as ‘123456,’ but it wouldn’t be very secure. Likewise if the airport let you just walk straight onto a plane without checking your bags.
At the other end of the scale when it comes to online security are physical keys. Google says it has eliminated the problem of people phishing its employees by forcing them all to use hardware security keys to log in.
That’s a huge endorsement for the idea of nudging people away from convenience, and treating their online information as something worth keeping safe.
Hardware security keys from companies like Yubico eliminate the need for passwords on many online services. As long as the key is plugged into your computer, you’ll be automatically logged in. Some models work with mobile devices too
Personally I’ve shied away from using a hardware key for my own security because of the chance I’ll be caught without it just at the time I really need to log in. But then, I always have my house keys and my wallet with me, so why would this be any different?
As Wired found, locking down your Google account this way can cause some other minor inconveniences. But if you can trust yourself to look after a hardware key and always have it with you, I’d very much recommend looking into it.
One big read
Doughbies’ cookie crumbles in a cautionary tale of venture scale Doughbies’ cookie crumbles in a cautionary tale of venture scale
This is a good reminder that just because you can take venture capital funding, it doesn’t mean you should. “In the end, Doughbies was a lifestyle business. That’s not a dirty word. A few co-founders with a dream can earn a respectable living doing what they care about. But they have to do it lean, without the advantage of deep-pocketed investors.”
One big tweet
Remember, when an article online makes you so angry you have to share it with everyone you know, that’s probably the idea. Don’t play along.
Saladin Ahmed
a buddy broke down for me recently just how crucial hate clicks have become for online revenue models and honestly I've started reacting differently to transparently stupid pieces.

just plain not sharing/discussing these shitty takes does them more damage than any retort.
2:48 PM - 23 Jul 2018
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