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It's easy to lose track of the days at this time of year, so let me assure you that today is Saturday
December 29 · Issue #304 · View online
Big Revolution
It’s easy to lose track of the days at this time of year, so let me assure you that today is Saturday, so here’s a members-only weekend edition, helping you catchup on the news and bringing you a bunch of good reads.

Big things you need to know today
  • Instagram caused a minor storm this week by switching many users to a horizontally scrolling feed. Facebook said it was a mistake, and was only supposed to be a small test – or that it was a bug, depending on which statement you believe.
Big weekend reads
How the Surprise Interactive 'Black Mirror' Came Together How the Surprise Interactive 'Black Mirror' Came Together
A look at the making of the new interactive episode of Black Mirror. The episode is well worth trying on Netflix. I saw most of the endings in the space of about 80 minutes last night.
Plane Enthusiasts Spy Air Force One, Reveal Trump's Secret Trip
A plane spotter in the North of England outwitted careful White House secrecy around Trump’s recent trip to Iraq.
“The era of spy versus spy—if it ever truly existed—has certainly been ended by the internet. Today it is spy versus tweeter, plane spotter, criminal, activist, journalist, bored teenage hacker, and who knows who else.”
In Project Maven's Wake, the Pentagon Seeks AI Tech Talent
The other side of the coin from Silicon Valley rejecting military contracts is the Pentagon being stuck without tech partners for crucial projects.
8 PR trends that will actually happen in 2019
PR industry contrarian Ed Zitron shares his predictions for 2019. They’re not pretty, and not the kind of fluff you’ll find most PR pros writing in their prediction posts.
The perennial debate about whether your phone is secretly listening to you, explained
There’s nothing new here, but the debate about phones listening to us seems to have ramped up again in recent days, so it’s worth a read as a refresher of the issues at hand.
One big tweet
The New York Times caused a stir this week by publishing a report on Facebook that drew heavily on previous work by a number of outlets… but didn’t acknowledge that fact. Needless to say, the journalists behind those earlier stories aren’t happy. Click through for a thread explaining more.
Tom Phillips
The attitude of the NYT to all other journalists (basically, that they don't exist and deserve no credit because they don't work for the NYT) is profoundly damaging to all the things that the NYT spends a lot of time honking on about the importance of
8:24 PM - 28 Dec 2018
That’s all for today...
Back tomorrow with another bunch of good reads for you lovely Big Revolution members.
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