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Big Revolution - Strangely public

Welcome to Saturday's Big Revolution, with a news roundup and interesting reads for your weekend. – M
July 21 · Issue #146 · View online
Big Revolution
Welcome to Saturday’s Big Revolution, with a news roundup and interesting reads for your weekend.

Big things you need to know today
- Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter have teamed up for a project that will make moving data between the companies’ services far easier than it is today.
- Autodesk has shown off experimental robots that can figure for themselves out how to build a defined structure out of Lego. Once this is perfected, the robots will be retrained for industrial uses.
- Google has resolved a spat with rival DuckDuckGo over the domain name Much a-quack about nothing,
- Eventbrite has confidentially filed to float on the stock market later this year, the Wall Street Journal reports [paywalled]
Big weekend reads
Venmo’s Public Feed Is Bad And They Should End It Venmo’s Public Feed Is Bad And They Should End It
Venmo is a payments app owned by PayPal, which is hugely popular in the USA. Ever since it launched, it’s had a public feed showing real users’ real transactions, in real-time. In 2018, keeping it around is a very strange product decision.
We need a new model for tech journalism
Tech journalism helped big tech companies grow so big without much scrutiny. This piece suggests some significant changes are needed in the way tech journalism works. I think there will always be room for an ‘innovation’ beat. One thing it doesn’t mention, but would also be useful, is more diversity in the kinds of people writing about tech – there are still too many white men from similar backgrounds (he says as one such white man).
Maggie Haberman: Why I Needed to Pull Back From Twitter
On of the New York Times’ best-known journalists reaches Twitter exhaustion point: “Twitter is now an anger video game for many users. It is the only platform on which people feel free to say things they’d never say to someone’s face. For me, it had become an enormous and pointless drain on my time and mental energy.”
Early Stage VCs - Be Careful Out There
High-profile venture capitalist Brad Feld sees worrying signs of an overcooking tech investment market.
One big tweet
Okay, the way my newsletter formats this tweet ruins the effect, but you get the idea.
andrew hyde
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1:29 AM - 20 Jul 2018
I have thoughts about this, but they’re for another day.
That’s all for today...
See you tomorrow for more good weekend reads.
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