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Big Revolution - Stay at home, get more done

Welcome to Tuesday's Big Revolution – let's dive in... – Martin
May 22 · Issue #86 · View online
Big Revolution
Welcome to Tuesday’s Big Revolution – let’s dive in…

Big things you need to know today
- Most of the GDPR emails flooding your inbox are unnecessary, and some may even be illegal, the Guardian reports
- Adobe is buying e-commerce platform maker Magento for $1.68bn. This is a big deal that will intrigue Adobe users and Magento users alike. “Adobe’s plan is to eventually combine Magento’s offerings with its own Experience Cloud, a suite of digital marketing services that include advertising and analytics tools,” says TNW.
- Donald Trump is said to be playing fast and loose with his mobile phone security – news that will surprise pretty much nobody.
- Meanwhile, the Obamas have signed a deal to produce TV shows and films for Netflix. Their firm, Higher Ground Productions will produce “‘scripted series, unscripted series, docu-series, documentaries and features’ that highlight issues and themes the president pursued during his eight years in office,” the New York Times reports.
- Instagram will now tell you when you’ve seen all the new content in your feed. As Facebook and Google both try to stop users wasting time with their products, the aim is to cut down on users’ aimless scrolling.
The big thought
Credit: Adrien Ledoux on Unsplash
Stay at home, get more done
Yesterday saw chaos on the railways in the UK, as train operators struggled to handle the new timetables they themselves had introduced. Commuters in news reports expressed anger about how their working days were disrupted by trains that never turned up.
Also yesterday, I met up for coffee with a former colleague who is currently assessing her future career plans. For her, it’s important to have a role where she can travel and not be chained to a desk in the same office every day. We discussed how too many employers put an emphasis on being in the office all day, every day. 
As someone who has largely worked from home for nearly a decade, I find the times I am in an office useful for two things: team creativity, and bonding with colleagues.
If you’re building an early-stage product or planning a big project, nothing beats being in the same room and bouncing ideas off each other. And if you never meet your colleagues, it can be difficult to build useful working relationships.
But when it comes to just getting things done, offices can be hives of distraction. Office chatter, people stopping by your desk for 10 minutes to ask a question they could have sent via Slack, people bringing a cake in and causing everyone to down tools for half an hour while they eat… it all eats into productivity. 
A well-motivated person can get a lot more done on their own at home than in an office. Sure, it’s not for everyone – some people thrive with others around them, and some jobs just can’t be done remotely. But if managers trust their employees, and learn the subtleties of managing a remote workforce (I should write about that sometime!), they might find that their team’s productivity increases.
…and those train timetable woes won’t be such a big news story.
One big read
Trump’s tweets include grammatical errors. And some of them are on purpose Trump’s tweets include grammatical errors. And some of them are on purpose
An interesting look at the process behind even the strangest of Trump’s tweets. Counter what many believe, just because the grammar is awful, doesn’t mean he wrote them – there’s apparently a strategy at play to make him seem ‘authentic’ to his base.
One big tweet
At the moment, Twitter’s full of advice about what you should have done by the time you’re 35, but don’t listen to other people’s expectations – this is the only one you need to pay attention to…
Ina Fried
By age 35 you should be in your mid-30s
6:43 AM - 22 May 2018
That’s all for today...
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