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Big Revolution - Simple and transparent wins the race

Welcome to Thursday's Big Revolution. And a special welcome to recent subscribers – thanks for joinin
July 5 · Issue #130 · View online
Big Revolution
Welcome to Thursday’s Big Revolution. And a special welcome to recent subscribers – thanks for joining us. Let’s dive in…

Big things you need to know today
- Uganda’s president has defended a new ‘social media tax’, which charges the equivalent of 50 US cents per day for access to services like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Reuters reports the president said that “Ugandans were using such platforms for 'lying’, and squandering the nation’s hard currency on fees to foreign-owned telecoms firms.”
- UK-based ‘video-call a doctor’ startup Babylon Health plans to open physical GP surgeries, The Telegraph reports [paywalled]. These private practices will particularly interest those watching to see how startups like this interface with the future of the National Health Service, which turns 70 today.
- Entrepreneur First is expanding to Paris. This company, which helps people with domain expertise or tech skills to build tech startups from scratch, is already active in London, Berlin, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
- VW plans to launch a vehicle-sharing service next year. It’ll start with electric cars but later include other modes of transport like scooters. Other manufacturers like BMW have car-sharing services, but the multi-modal aspect here is interesting.
The big thought
Honest Work's mascot, Hamish
Simple and transparent wins the race
I smiled when I spotted the launch of Honest Work yesterday. This London-based firm is taking a refreshingly simple and transparent approach to technology job ads – and ‘refreshingly simple and transparent’ is something many of us could learn from.
Unlike most tech job ad sites, Honest Work requires companies listing vacancies to include a salary range and details of exactly how the selection process works. Given fierce competition for the best talent, many tech companies keep their recruitment processes as opaque as possible, which can be frustrating at best for potential employees. At worst, it can put them off applying entirely.
Founder, Stevie Buckley says: “The long-term goal is to elevate Honest Work into a platform that demystifies the entire process of applying for work and dramatically improves the experience of companies looking to hire great people.”
Amen. And it’s not just recruitment where this approach could be useful. I am in no doubt that the hidden processes and secrets of the employment world have disadvantaged me at various points in my career. I once found out (after I’d left) that someone equal to me at a company was on significantly more than me. I don’t blame that person, but I’ve always wondered how I could have navigated that situation better, given I didn’t even know he was on more at the time. 
Sure, you could say that in a 'survival of the fittest’ world, people who can navigate the complexities of 'things nobody trains you for,’ like negotiating a great salary, deserve to come out on top. But that’s no excuse for employers exploiting people who are good at their jobs. 
Not everyone’s ladder-climbing skill are equal, and demystifying the mechanics of getting ahead would help companies find more promotable talent within their ranks.
One big read
The Complexity of Simply Searching For Medical Advice The Complexity of Simply Searching For Medical Advice
How factors like ‘keyword void’ make searching for medical advice online potentially very dangerous indeed.
One big tweet
Another example of how the European tech sector’s reaction to the controversial proposed EU copyright directive has been muted, to say the least.
Max Niederhofer 🤟🏻
I see practically no European VCs/founders commenting on EU parliament #copyright directive... Insane to let our future slip away like that.
6:33 PM - 4 Jul 2018
That’s all for today...
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