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Welcome to Monday's Big Revolution newsletter. I've got a day of writing, tweaking and editing ahead
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Big Revolution
Welcome to Monday’s Big Revolution newsletter. I’ve got a day of writing, tweaking and editing ahead of me, as well as preparing for events later in the week. All the best with whatever you’re up to.
– Martin from Big Revolution

Big things you need to know today
  • The Japanese government plans to hack citizens’ IoT devices… to make the more secure. The unusual plan is part of preparations for the 2020 Olympics, by helping avoid cyber attacks that may use insecure devices as a vector.
  • A huge trove of stolen or leaked Russian documents has been published by a group of transparency advocates. ‘Distributed Denial of Secrets’ says it has published the 175GB trove to expose Russian power circles.
The big thought
Credit: Cytonn Photography on Unsplash
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I recently wanted to make a change to my business bank account. It was a detail my bank could have checked online with publicly available information from the England & Wales company registry in seconds. But no.
In order to register this tiny change to my bank account, I needed to fill in a form online, print it out, sign it and then send it in by post or drop it off at a branch. And that was only the first step of the process – getting ‘telephone banking’ set up – even though when I was told I needed to do this I was on the phone, having passed through enough security hoops to prove my identity.
In short, 'life admin’ is still broken in our modern world of technology-driven convenience.
Today’s news that Dropbox is acquiring HelloSign got me thinking how much easier signing documents could be. Some companies use software from providers like DocuSign, Adobe, or HelloSign to make signing documents easy and relatively secure. And yet they’re hardly mainstream services that everyone knows.
And why isn’t this tech already built into Microsoft Office, G Suite, and every decent PDF viewing app? At best, these apps rely on users installing third-party plugins to handle signatures. At worst, they let you paste in a picture of your signature, which isn’t very secure at all, and shouldn’t really be trusted as proof of anything by the other party.
Dropbox says it will continue working with all major electronic signature apps, meaning a tight, simple integration that lets you sign documents using Dropbox natively with no fuss doesn’t seem to be on the horizon.
These days, I’m so over paper that I generally only use a pen to write birthday and Christmas cards and to sign occasional documents. When those documents are online, surely we should be beyond printing and scanning or physically mailing documents now?
One big read
Your TV Is Now a Computer, but Not in a Good Way Your TV Is Now a Computer, but Not in a Good Way
I’m dreading the day I have to buy a new TV. This article explains why modern TVs have become really bad computers.
One big event
Finding and retaining the right talent for your scaleup Tickets, Thu 31 Jan 2019 at 18:00
London folk: I’m moderating this event on Thursday, looking at the issues facing tech companies that need to rapidly grow their headcount. It would be great to see you there. You can sign up to attend for free at the link above.
One big tweet
Now this is extreme SEO!
Glen Allsopp
Zendesk generated $430m in 2017. They also created a fake band to rank for people searching for 'Zendesk alternative' 😂.
4:34 AM - 27 Jan 2019
That’s all for today...
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