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Big Revolution - Scooting into the emergency ward

Welcome to Tuesday's Big Revolution. Today I've been thinking about going head-over-heels for electri
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Big Revolution
Welcome to Tuesday’s Big Revolution. Today I’ve been thinking about going head-over-heels for electric scooters (literally). More on that below…

Big things you need to know today
  • Apple looks set to launch a new Mac Mini at last, along with a replacement for the MacBook Air. That’s according to the usually reliable Bloomberg. “When Apple releases new Macs in the fall, it often does so in October, following the launch of new iPhones.”
  • Minecraft: Education Edition is coming to the iPad in time for the new school year. Microsoft has announced it will launch next month.
The big thought
Bird scooters recently made their Tel Aviv debut. Credit: Bird/Instagram
Scooting into the emergency ward
BuzzFeed reports that US hospitals are seeing daily injuries through their doors as a result of the scooter boom there.
In case it’s passed you by, scooters are a hit new mode of transport in a number of American cities. You book one with an app, and just pick it up off the street to scoot wherever you need to go. You may have similar bike services in your city, but scooters are more lightweight and operators can leave more on the streets than they can bikes.
Investors see these scooters as a way to profit on journeys too short for most people to justify booking an Uber. It’s no surprise that Uber and Lyft have got themselves into the scooter game, then.
But these injuries show that maybe app-booked electric scooters aren’t the wonder transport some in the tech world believe.
From BuzzFeed’s report:
“Some scooter victims are seeking legal representation. Personal injury attorney Catherine Lerer of the firm McGee Lerer in Santa Monica has taken on approximately 10 clients with scooter injuries such as a broken leg, a broken tooth, a torn rotator cuff, or a broken foot.”
In other words, there’s a tricky future ahead for scooter operators.
These scooters are currently illegal to use in public spaces in the UK, because they count as ‘powered transporters.’ That means my home country will be spared this particular tech craze. I’ll stick with my occasional Mobike hops across Manchester city centre. And it’s hard to see how other countries can make these scooters any safer than they already are(n’t).
Like other 'powered transporters’ before them – think hoverboards and Segways – perhaps the craze will be over as soon as it began.
One big read
After the Bitcoin Boom: Hard Lessons for Cryptocurrency Investors After the Bitcoin Boom: Hard Lessons for Cryptocurrency Investors
The New York Times talks to some of the regular people burnt by the end of the cryptocurrency boom.
One big tweet
Click through to see what James is talking about. I’m amazed how behind the curve America is with payments tech. They still use cheques(!)
James Clark 📈📉👍
There should be a Youtube genre of reactions when Americans discover how the rest of the world does payment systems.
11:57 AM - 20 Aug 2018
That’s all for today...
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