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Big Revolution - Rewriting the world

Welcome to your weekend edition of Big Revolution, packed with good reads. – Martin from Big Revoluti
March 16 · Issue #373 · View online
Big Revolution
Welcome to your weekend edition of Big Revolution, packed with good reads.
– Martin from Big Revolution

Big things you need to know today
  • The terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand has raised questions over moderation of social media platforms. The likes of Facebook and YouTube struggled to hold back the tide of videos depicting the killing. Here’s a thread by Facebook’s former information security chief on why that is. This piece about YouTube’s struggles is good too, while this one looks at how Facebook moderates livestreamed video.
  • Meanwhile, Reddit has closed two communities that shared the terrorist footage. Reddit’s lax attitude to what is allowed on its platform looks increasingly out of date.
  • Google will be fined by the on EU on further antitrust charges next week, Reuters reports. The company was accused of preventing third parties using its AdSense product from displaying search advertisements from its competitors. The fine will reportedly be smaller than those it has faced in the past, though.
  • Snap will launch its long-rumoured games platforms next month, Cheddar reports.
Big weekend reads
How TikTok Is Rewriting the World How TikTok Is Rewriting the World
If you’ve not tried TikTok, this explainer is well worth digging into. “Under the hood, TikTok is a fundamentally different app than American users have used before.”
The New Zealand Massacre Was Made to Go Viral
“The attack marks a grim new age of social media-fueled terrorism.”
Facebook Is Finding Out How Hard It Is to Clean Up Toxic Content
Bloomberg Businessweek on Facebook’s “endless cycle of fury and apology.”
How To Actually Break Up Big Tech
If you’re interested in the idea of breaking up big tech companies, this piece by tech policy brain Mike Masnick is worth your time – although it’s very US-centric.
‘We Know Them. We Trust Them.’ Uber and Airbnb Alumni Fuel Tech’s Next Wave
A look at Silicon Valley’s ‘circle of life.’
One big tweet
Be careful about publishing opinions on the internet in case people quote them in books - especially if it’s a topic you’ll develop a more nuanced view about later! I had a feeling the article mentioned here might not have completely disappeared into an internet black hole…
Tefo Mohapi
reading a book and seeing a familiar name.
8:37 AM - 16 Mar 2019
That’s all for today...
Back on Monday with a full weekday edition. See you then!
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