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Big Revolution - Rebooting robotics

Welcome to your weekend edition of the newsletter, packed with good reads to help fill the downtime y
March 30 · Issue #385 · View online
Big Revolution
Welcome to your weekend edition of the newsletter, packed with good reads to help fill the downtime you hopefully have…
– Martin at Big Revolution

Big things you need to know today
  • Apple has cancelled its AirPower wireless charging mat, which was originally announced in September 2017. The company says it “will not achieve our high standards.” Rumours abound that the product was announced before Apple even knew if it was possible to bring it to market. You can still use normal wireless charging mats with your Apple gear.
  • Commercial radio broadcasters aren’t keen on appearing on the BBC’s Sounds app. They’re not happy with the terms of the deal, which would require them to promote the app on air. Commercial broadcasters are concerned enough about the BBC’s radio market share without encouraging it.
  • Google appears to have mistakenly listed an unannounced Nest product on its store. The Nest Hub Max will sport a 10-inch HD screen and allow users to manage their home security and make video calls.
Big weekend reads
Inside Google’s Rebooted Robotics Program Inside Google’s Rebooted Robotics Program
Google has rethought its robotics programme. “While the machines may not be as eye-catching as humanoid robots, Google researchers believe that the subtly more advanced technology inside them gives them more potential in the real world. The company is developing ways for these robots to learn skills on their own, like sorting through a bin of unfamiliar objects or navigating a warehouse filled with unexpected obstacles.”
We're not equipping reality stars for internet fame. That must change
Suddenly gaining a huge online audience can be a great opportunity. But two recent suicides of UK reality TV stars show instant online fame is a burden some need much better preparation for.
How an Online Nemesis Can Help You Succeed
I’m not sure this is a really healthy, but hey… “Nemeses, meanwhile, are worthy foes in any area of life. They require a particular kind of jealousy, because you compete with them, even if they’re unaware of your existence. They can drive you mad with their achievements. But they can also push you to work harder.”
YouTube’s Product Chief on Online Radicalization and Algorithmic Rabbit Holes
“Neal Mohan discusses the streaming site’s recommendation engine, which has become a growing liability amid accusations that it steers users to increasingly extreme content.”
In MacBook keyboard woes, a weird echo of the TRS-80 circa 1978
The problems with Apple’s laptop keyboards have a precedent – 41 years ago.
One big tweet
AirPower – a rather non-Apple Apple product…
Matthew Panzarino
The bitter irony of the situation is that Apple has famously, relentlessly held the position that it does not announce future products before they are ready to avoid exactly this scenario.
8:31 PM - 29 Mar 2019
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Back on Monday – have a good weekend!
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