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Big Revolution - Pushing through the frightening graphs

Welcome to Friday's newsletter. Yes, we've somehow (almost) made it through another week. — Martin fr
June 12 · Issue #744 · View online
Big Revolution
Welcome to Friday’s newsletter. Yes, we’ve somehow (almost) made it through another week.
— Martin from Big Revolution

Big things you need to know today
  • Sony has unveiled the PlayStation 5 in a live video stream that showed off an impressive array of games, too. The console is scheduled for release later this year in versions with a disc drive and without (for downloaded games only). No word on a release date or price yet.
The big thought
Pushing through the frightening graphs
One notable thing about the pandemic we’re living through is the epic graphs it’s providing. US unemployment’s stratospheric rise was one, and now we’ve got another: the UK’s 20.4% GDP drop.
Don’t miss the steep black line on the left of the graph below! 😮
Ed Conway
In case you missed it on @skynews just now, this chart shows pretty vividly how this recession compares with the previous ones we've lived through. The bigger the fall, the deeper the recession.
No, that isn't a mistake: the line really does go down that far.
And this is just the start. Even as the economy reopens, there are potentially more lockdowns to come, and currently furloughed staff may end up being made redundant in the coming months.
Yes, this is serious. And it’s easy to feel devastated by it. How on earth can we recover? Will our pensions ever pay for our retirement now? Will there be enough jobs?
But for most of us, there’s really nothing we can do except just keep doing. Just keep living. Whatever setbacks the world sends our way, there’s not a lot of alternative but to dust ourselves down, wait for the bruises to heal, and just keep on pushing forward, forging a path for ourselves with whatever resources we have at our disposal.
This decade may not play out the way many of us hoped. But if we’re true to ourselves we can still find a new, fulfilling path, whatever happens to our lives and the economy. Leave the economists and politicians to worry about the graphs.
One big read
Your Heartbeat Can Give Away Your Identity, Like a Fingerprint Your Heartbeat Can Give Away Your Identity, Like a Fingerprint
“Our heartbeats differ just enough to tell us apart, but they also give away potentially sensitive information.”
One big tweet
rat king
in a Q&A with employees, Mark Zuckerberg is expressing frustration about past leaks from company Q&As.
That’s all for today...
Back tomorrow with your weekend big reads.
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