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Big Revolution - Predictions and a playlist [Members only]

Welcome to New Year's Eve's Big Revolution. I'm rounding off the year with a slightly different forma
December 31 · Issue #306 · View online
Big Revolution
Welcome to New Year’s Eve’s Big Revolution. I’m rounding off the year with a slightly different format to usual.

Big things you need to know today
  • MIT researchers have developed a way of 3D printing with glass. The technique creates “clear glass structures that can be used for decoration or building,” TechCrunch reports.
  • Enjoyed Black Mirror: Bandersnatch? You can play the game Nohzdyve that features in the interactive episode via a ZX Spectrum emulator.
Five big predicitons
Credit: Franck V. on Unsplash
As it’s New Year’s Eve, here are five predictions for the 12 months ahead…
  1. GDPR makes its mark: Look out for a real political push towards strict federal data privacy laws in the USA, inspired by the EU’s GDPR rules. In Europe, GDPR will claim a high-profile scalp with at least one headline-grabbing mega-fine.
  2. Deepfakes go mainstream: As US presidential election campaigning begins in earnest for 2020, expect it to be harder than ever to tell which videos are real. With Trump aiming for a second term, it’s going to get very dirty.
  3. Balkanisation is increasingly the norm: As the world becomes less collaborative, dividing into ‘spheres of influence’ around the US, EU, Russia, and China, expect to see more walls between the internet in different parts of the world. We’ve already seen US news sites block EU visitors so they don’t have to comply with GDPR, but expect more legislation around the world that is incompatible with an open, global internet.
  4. Blockchain tech spawns something useful – without the hype. I know this seems unlikely, but as blockchain hype dies down due to the lack of successful projects that aren’t cryptocurrencies, we’ll likely see something genuinely interesting emerge that quietly uses a blockchain without making a big deal about it.
  5. Tech employees find their voice. Recent employee-led HR changes at Google could well be just the start of a wider 'pseudo-unionisation’ of staff at big tech companies. And expect it to spread beyond the US, too.
One big playlist
Best of 2018, a playlist by Martin Bryant on Spotify
You probably didn’t subscribe to Big Revolution for my music taste, but as it’s the end of the year, here are my favourite new songs of the past 12 months.
One big read
A nostalgic look back at digital music piracy in the 2000s A nostalgic look back at digital music piracy in the 2000s
An enjoyable look back at how music piracy worked at the start of the century, when people gave away their music collections for the fun of it.
That’s all for today...
Look out for another members-only edition in your inbox on January 3rd. Have a great New Year!
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