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Big Revolution - Precarious and pivotal [Members only]

Welcome to Saturday's Big Revolution. We'll be sending editions to all subscribers again from Monday,
January 5 · Issue #308 · View online
Big Revolution
Welcome to Saturday’s Big Revolution. We’ll be sending editions to all subscribers again from Monday, but I’ll be sending out a survey soon, asking for ideas for how to keep improving the newsletter for paying and non-paying subscribers alike.

Big things you need to know today
  • Nintendo had a bumper year for mobile gaming revenue, estimates by Sensor Tower have discovered. Mobile revenue reached almost $117m worldwide, with strategy RPG Fire Emblem Heroes by far the most successful title.
  • The UK government is to consider expanding the no-fly zone for drones around airports from 1km to 5km. It follows the recent disruption at Gatwick airport, which still hasn’t been explained.
Big weekend reads
Apple’s Precarious and Pivotal 2019 Apple’s Precarious and Pivotal 2019
MG Siegler has a good take on the challenges facing Apple in the year ahead, and how the company will ned to shift gears faster than perhaps it expected to.
Censoring China’s Internet, for Stability and Profit
“Thousands of low-wage workers in “censorship factories” trawl the online world for forbidden content, where even a photo of an empty chair could cause big trouble.”
Perspectives: The case for why Big Tech is violating antitrust laws
A look at US antitrust law, and how big tech firms may be violating them, even if the government is doing nothing about it.
Overlooked No More: Karen Sparck Jones, Who Established the Basis for Search Engines
The New York Times offers a belated obituary for the woman whose computer science work paved the way for the search engines we know today.
One big tweet
Don’t expect Apple to be at CES – they never are – but they clearly wanted to send a message…
Chris Velazco
Apple never shows up at CES, so I can’t say I saw this coming.
11:25 PM - 4 Jan 2019
That’s all for today...
Back tomorrow with another members-only weekend edition. See you then!
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