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Big Revolution - One of the greatest discoveries

Welcome to Sunday's Big Revolution. Come take a look around... – Martin
January 13 · Issue #316 · View online
Big Revolution
Welcome to Sunday’s Big Revolution. Come take a look around…

Big things you need to know today
  • Scooter company Lime has suspended its Swiss service after users were thrown off mid-ride. It suspects a software glitch may cause a reboot mid-ride, automatically locking the vehicles early, even as they’re in motion. Ouch.
  • A study has found heavy users of Facebook make impaired decisions like drug addicts. The Michigan State University research “indicates that people who use social media sites heavily actually display some of the behavioral hallmarks of someone addicted to cocaine or heroin,” TechCrunch reports.
Big weekend reads
If true, this could be one of the greatest discoveries in human history If true, this could be one of the greatest discoveries in human history
The head of Harvard’s astronomy department isn’t afraid to say he thinks the mysterious spinning object spotted near Earth in 2017 was some kind of alien craft. Whether you agree or not, the points he makes about the politics of science, and what scientists feel comfortable to say, are worth a read.
How Automation Will Change the Service Industry
Automation isn’t necessarily stealing jobs in the service industry, but it is having a noticeable impact. “Workers may not be replaced by robots anytime soon, but they’ll likely face shorter hours, lower pay, and stolen time.”
The Rise and Demise of RSS
A detailed look at the history of RSS, a technology that in many ways seems at odds with the way the internet works today, despite the fact it’s far from dead.
Madagascar has become a business outsourcing hotspot thanks to its super-fast internet
How introducing high-speed internet transformed Madagascar.
One big tweet
To be fair, Apple does add new features to Siri, but does it really encourage people how to use them?
Vlad Savov
Is there anything less explicable in tech than the stagnation of Siri? Apple has the cash and cachet to attract the brightest minds, it has ample strategic interest in making Siri the best voice assistant, and yet the product of all that is barely better than Bixby.
4:39 PM - 12 Jan 2019
That’s all for today...
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