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Big Revolution - Memberships in a chaotic world

Hello! Today, I'm launching Big Revolution memberships. More on that below... – Martin
March 20 · Issue #23 · View online
Big Revolution
Hello! Today, I’m launching Big Revolution memberships. More on that below…

Cambridge Analytica: so big it's got its own section
- The Cambridge Analytica story just keeps getting bigger. Channel 4 News in the UK ran an epic undercover investigation last night that showed the company’s top leadership appearing to confess to all manner of underhand tactics to help clients win elections, including entrapping opponents in sex scandals.
- Cambridge Analytica says they were just testing to see if potential clients were unethical. Even if you believe that, it’s a bad look for the company. And it certainly seems it’s much more than just an ad targeting firm.
- The Facebook exec msome saw as a beacon of transparency, Alex Stamos, is set to depart the company this summer amid an apparent disagreement with senior management about how to deal with the problem of disinformation campaigns on the platform. Stamos caused a stir at the weekend after fumbling a tweet thread that sought to calm down the Cambridge Analytica story.
- Facebook took a beating on the stock market yesterday, and there’s still been no word from Mark Zuckerberg, prompting the Twitter hashtag #WheresZuck. 
(Other) big things you need to know today
An Uber self-driving car in 2016. Credit: Dllu / Wikimedia Commons
- A self-driving car has killed a pedestrian for the first time. The Uber car, which had a human safety driver, was in fully autonomous mode when it failed to stop in time to avoid a woman crossing the street. Uber has suspended its self-driving car tests for the time being, although it appears the crash may have been unavoidable even for a human driver. 
- The crash is the sad news everyone knew was coming at some point, but it’s unlikely to hold back progress in the field of autonomous vehicles. Computers will be much safer drivers than humans once the technology is more polished, although we’ll have to accept that big lumps of metal on wheels are always going to cause some deaths.
- US startup accelerator Y Combinator held its latest demo day yesterday. TechCrunch has a roundup of all 64 teams that pitched. Another huge batch will pitch today.
- Developers keen to dive into Magic Leap’s ‘mixed reality’ platform will be please to know that the massively well-funded company has launched a Creator Portal. The actual headsets are still not available though.
- Cheddar, the American company reinventing TV news for a younger audience, plans to expand into the UK market and beyond after raising $22m in funding. In the US, it will add to its existing business channel with a second, general news channel.
The big thought
Developing Big Revolution – introducing membership
Normally, the ‘big thought’ isn’t about this newsletter itself, but I’m making an exception today to tell you about something new.
Producing this daily email takes me a total of around 10 hours per week. 
While you can always subscribe for free, you can now also choose support the newsletter by becoming a member for $5 per month. That works out at around £3.50 or €4. 
Think about it this way – it’s like buying me a nice coffee once per month in return for a daily newsletter filled with essential news from the day, unique insights and reading recommendations – all focused on how technology is changing the world we live in.
If you don’t want to pay, that’s completely fine – I won’t judge you and won’t look at you funny next time we meet. This is purely optional for people who want to help support me and the newsletter. Find out more here.
Normal service of yelling at clouds will return tomorrow.
One big read
How Facebook Groups Are Being Exploited To Spread Misinformation, Plan Harassment, And Radicalize People How Facebook Groups Are Being Exploited To Spread Misinformation, Plan Harassment, And Radicalize People
As if Facebook doesn’t have enough to worry about right now, BuzzFeed yesterday published this look at the dark side of Groups – a feature the Facebook is trying to promote at the moment as being healthy for communities.
Bonus big read
One for the journalists and wannabe journalists, and it’s hard to disagree with: ’J-school is a scam,’ says Splinter. Essentially, journalism is based on common sense and experience, and “it would be insane to pay a six-figure entry fee to a field with a median annual wage of less than $40,000 per year.”
One big tweet
Amid all the chaos in the world, sometimes the straightforward nature of a child’s mind brings clarity.
Sarah Perez
My 8-year old told me today she knows what the meaning of life is: “Just be happy and don’t be rude.” Agree, kiddo. Agree.
3:09 AM - 20 Mar 2018
That’s all for today...
See you tomorrow!
(Just a correction to yesterday’s edition: Marques Brownlee has been running his YouTube channel for more than four years. A minor slip-up on my part, but one worth noting!)
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