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Big Revolution - Members only: Shakedown in bicycle town

Welcome, members! I’m on holiday (or vacation, if you’re American) this week. Nowhere fancy, just a g
April 29 · Issue #408 · View online
Big Revolution
Welcome, members! I’m on holiday (or vacation, if you’re American) this week. Nowhere fancy, just a getaway to rural Wales. But this week I’ll continue to serve you lovely members with updates and big reads every weekday, until normal service resumes next week.
– Martin from Big Revolution

Big things you need to know today
  • Apple exec Phil Schiller has slammed a New York Times article about the company’s behaviour to developers. In an email to a customer, Schiller reacted to the report that Apple has banned apps that tracked users’ usage of iOS. He said the NYT failed to explain that there are serious security risks in using such apps.
  • Slack has filed to go public, revealing that despite its rapid growth in recent years, it’s still losing money.
  • Google quietly stopped reporting adoption rates of new versions of Android six months ago. The company had published monthly updates for years. Google has given no good explanation for the change, which means developers can’t tell which versions of the OS to optimise for.
Two big reads
How China’s ‘Unicorns’ Shook a Bicycle Town How China’s ‘Unicorns’ Shook a Bicycle Town
The impact of the boom and almost inevitable bust of Chinese bicycle startups.
Music streaming services are gaslighting us
How music streaming services take the heart and soul out of music discovery.
One big tweet
Aaron Levie
If I gave you a nickel every time I heard "freemium will never work in the enterprise" you could be the largest shareholder of Zoom and Slack.
10:52 PM - 27 Apr 2019
The thing about Zoom and Slack is individuals tend to discover them and they go viral within their networks to the point that companies feel compelled to buy them – it wouldn’t work with a product that only makes sense when sold at scale to whole companies at once.
That’s all for today...
Back tomorrow with another members-only update. See you then!
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