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Big Revolution - Like unsending an email

Welcome to the start of another week at the Big Revolution newsletter. If you filled in the recent su
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Big Revolution
Welcome to the start of another week at the Big Revolution newsletter. If you filled in the recent subscriber survey, you’ll be glad to know that I’ll be announcing some tweaks based on your feedback, later this week.
Also, a reminder that this newsletter is a product of my consultancy that helps tech and media products find the right words for their products. More on that on the website.
– Martin

Big things you need to know today
  • Huawei will come out badly from a UK government report into its security standards, the Telegraph reports. The company has reportedly failed to address security concerns raised last year. Huawei regularly faces questions over its perceived closeness to the Chinese government.
  • The New York Times has confirmed the creator of the ‘Instagram egg’ to be an advertising creative from London. BuzzFeed had earlier reported the same individual, Chris Godfrey, as the likely culprit, in a piece that also suggested friend of Big Revolution, Matt Navarra had a connection to the account (the NYT doesn’t agree).
The big thought
Credit: Charles 🇵🇭 on Unsplash
Credit: Charles 🇵🇭 on Unsplash
Like unsending an email
In a recent interview with podcaster Joe Rogan, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that the ability to edit tweets is still a feature that may be added in the future.
The quote via 9to5Mac:
“The reason we don’t have edit in the first place is we were built on SMS, we were built on text messaging. Once you send a text, you can’t take it back. So when you send a tweet it goes to the world instantaneously. You can’t take it back.
"You could build it as such so maybe we introduce a 5-second to 30-second delay in the sending. And within that window, you can edit. The issue with going longer than that is it takes that real-time nature of the conversational flow out of it.”
Editing tweets is a highly divisive topic. Some think it’s a long-overdue, common-sense feature, while others warn it would allow people to ‘change history’ by getting loads of retweets for something and then changing their message entirely.
There’s no reason why you can’t have a common-sense feature with sensible safeguards against its abuse.
The system Dorsey suggests is not that different to the 'unsend email’ option in Gmail. Sure, the Gmail feature works by not actually sending your email until the time window for editing it has ended, but from a user interface point of view it’s the same.
And in that short time window, an edit could even automatically scrub all likes and retweets people give to the original tweet. Or it could keep them and show a clear 'edited’ flag that can be tapped to reveal the original tweet.
I just fail to see why this simple, obvious product feature wasn’t deployed years ago. Except as, numerous profiles of Dorsey have stated over the years, he’s notoriously indecisive on everything from tiny product tweaks to how to handle the far-right.
Editing tweets doesn’t have to be a big deal. Just deploy it already, Jack.
One big read
Julia Hartz Founded Eventbrite With Her Fiancé. Then She Took His Job. Julia Hartz Founded Eventbrite With Her Fiancé. Then She Took His Job.
A profile of Julia Hartz, CEO and cofounder of Eventbrite. The company is one of the best examples of how husband and wife cofounding teams can work in tech.
One big tweet
Click through below for a thread critiquing one of the most baffling ad campaigns on London’s Tube, perhaps ever. This idea worked for Spotify, but ‘your bank tracks your transactions to laugh at you’ is a very strange message to send out…
Iona Bain
How much does this ad infuriate me? Let me count the ways. Firstly, patronising language & awful single-shaming more redolent of early 2000s Bridget Jones, not a modern and empowered fintech brand (1)
8:04 AM - 4 Feb 2019
That’s all for today...
Back tomorrow with more. See you in your inbox then!
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